Friday, 24 June 2011

One for the eyebrow obsessed...

I am an eyebrow's often the first thing I notice about someone and everyone's are different. I like to maximise my brows maybe because nature wasn't so generous to me in the brow dept and I've always been jealous of those who are naturally well endowed when it comes to brows! I change my brows depending on the look I'm going for which is something the brow blessed don't have the same flexibility with so here I count myself lucky.

If you need a little help in filling in your own face framers try the Boots No 7 Precision Brow Pencil. The formula is a lot creamier than a kohl pencil and blends easily making a more natural looking brow. The pencil is wide with a flat edge which makes pencilling in more graphical/squared off eyebrows nice and easy. It might take a bit of practise but once mastered a well groomed eyebrow can work wonders for the face even with minimal make up else where on the face.