Sunday, 8 March 2015

Inspirational Women Make It Happen, Everyday.

I first heard about International Women's Day (IWD) when I was working for the government here in Melbourne,  I was lucky enough to go with a huge group of ladies (and men) who I worked with to an event that celebrated women and it really highlighted to me just how many amazing women there are out there working their asses off, all with their own story, their own problems, but there they are everyday, making it all happen.  Ever since, every year, I wait for it and hope to do something worthwhile to mark the event.  Last year Kirsty and I were going to hold a Made Over Ladies event to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of our business when the decision had been made I was moving back to Australia we decided against it (maybe I decided against it I'm not sure) but it is a decision, in hindsight, that I regret.  We worked so hard in our five years of business together, at the same time as having children, remembering to feed said children, getting married, setting up new homes, coping with all the things that being a woman/having a business/going to work/being a mum throws at you we should have had that party...not over it but moving on.

So this year I've decided to celebrate IWD by highlighting some amazing women and their own journey's to Make it Happen.  I hope you'll join me along the way, get to know them, pop onto their website or hit that like button on facebook each one of them has worked their little butts off in this big bad world to do something they love and value, give them a high five and let them know you think they are doing a good job.  I ensure you will feel inspired by each and every one of their stories.  If you want to learn more about IWD, their aims and how you can support please do so here if you are a man reading this and feeling ever so slightly left out there is also a International Men's Day (IMD) I urge you to do something for it. 

Anyway back to us women, watch out for my Make It Happen profiles throughout March, get involved whether it's to say 'thanks for inspiring me' or just 'hey you're doing a good job', join me on Facebook and tag a woman in your life who has been an inspiration to you...lets name and fame them #makeithapppen

I sat for ages wondering what photo I should use to accompany this post about dreams and making them happen and all that is involved in that, and there she was, that little bundle of power and sheer determination, dreaming away right in front of me. Even though we may be small we should never underestimate ourselves and we should always, always dare to dream....