Friday, 30 October 2015

Making Memories...Family Style

Have you started thinking about Christmas presents yet? Im busy planning a trip back to Scotland for Christmas so I'm feeling like it's a stones throw from the festive period again! My last christmas shopping post I chatted about giving experiences rather than a physical gift I stand by this idea. 

This year we decided to treat ourselves to a gorgeous experience of a one on one family shoot with the talented Jessica Roberts (I've spoken about Jessica before on the blog as I had my fabulous FRESH headshots shoot with her, have a look here) we took a well stocked picnic basket and a new blanket bought for the occasion a flask of of wine and down to the beach we went. 

We had such a great experience.   So much fun and it really reminded us all of how lucky we are to part of our lovely little family.  Team Hughes is going great guns and there's nothing like an experience like this to remind us of that feeling.  Jessica made us feel super comfortable in front of the camera which I think shows through how relaxed we are in these shots.  Miss Poppy just LOVED being in front of the camera and Ollie being in a very cheeky mood really entertained us all.  Here's a sneak peak of the images as this blog post is a bit of a spoiler alert for my family...we have up until now managed to keep the majority of the images under wraps! Jessica is running mini shoots on the beach every weekend up until Christmas I urge you to book in with her if you are in the Melbourne area...she is just fab.

We have decided to immortalise our images by getting a book made up of the images I went online and created my book via blurb. I was given a free voucher by blurb to review their service. Websites like My Voucher Codes often run discounts for it, so watch out for them if you're looking to do your own. I downloaded the free software to create the book which was very easy, chose my book design and that was that. I enjoy doing things like this so the process was pretty fun (and easy).

The book arrived very quickly and was fabulous quality it looks rather professional actually pop over to my Instagram for a peak at the family seeing it for the first time.   I'm really happy with it and can see I might get slightly addicted to this in the years to come!