Thursday, 27 November 2014

Time saving tip for silky soft skin!

Hands up if you let your skincare/beauty routine slide in the winter? I dare you to reach down roll up your trouser leg and have a feel! Is it dry and scaly?? If so you need to up your moisture.  I for one can never be bothered applying moisturiser after my shower in the winter. It's toooo cold but equally I don't want scales....eurgh.

Here's my three step routine for fabulous skin all year round.

1. Drink more water. There's no getting round it you need to drink it to let it hydrate you, no exceptions. 

2. Dry body brushing. I've been doing this for over a year it's really helped with circulation and just the general condition of my skin. Work upwards in the direction to your heart. It literally takes minutes and you can do it will the water heats up try this one.

3. Buffy from Lush.  This has been a staple in my shower for quite some years.  I love that it exfoliates gently and leaves a layer of moisture on your skin which sinks into your skin through the course of the day such a fab time saver (and shiver saver!)

Enjoy your newly silky soft skin x

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Finding Forest Fairies...

When it gets to this time of year and there's an ounce of sunshine I try to get out there and make the most of it.  What fun we had on our recent walk, there was stick collecting, puddle jumping and perhaps the most surprising... forest fairy finding!

Ok so we've yet to locate an actual fairy but I'm quite adamant they are's hoping x

Friday, 7 November 2014

Moonstruck 3D Fibre Lash Mascara by Younique...

So you have probably heard the hype about the Moonstruck 3D Fibre Lash Mascara by Younique, it comes from America and there's a good chance you have seen it all over Facebook claiming it to be the next big thing when it comes to lashes.  I've had the chance to wear it a few times now so think I'm in a good position to let you know my thoughts on it. 

Mascara's are one of the things in my kit I rarely spend more than £10 on I'm a regular buyer of Max Factor False Lash Effect or L'oreal Double extension as I often apply individual lashes to add volume and length to my clients lashes.   My clients love the look of the lashes but this is a fiddly job and difficult to apply on yourself so I'm often asked for alternatives.  I think this mascara is a good alternative to do just that.  Price wise the mascara is £23 plus postage from america so not cheap for an everyday mascara but as an easier option than false lashes and a cheaper option than semi permanent eyelash extensions I think it definitely is good value for money.

Here's how to apply:

Do your eyes first (prior to foundation etc) as this can be a bit messy....

1. Curl your lashes with a good quality lash curler (I reccommend The Shu Uemeru Curler)
2. Apply a coat of your regular mascara and allow to dry (I have tried the 3d mascara with and without my regular mascara and I recommend doing this step.  You can do it without but you get better results with)

One eye at a time for the next steps:
3. Apply the 'Transplanting Gel' first (this is just like a black mascara
4. Apply the fibres (you'll see lots of fall out on your under eye area)
5. Quickly apply another coat of the Transplanting gel (this keeps it all in place)
6. If you want more lashes...repeat the process.

Be warned... it's a bit addictive!  After cleaning up the fall out I went on to finish the rest of my make up. I followed my five minute flawless foundation technique then my easy contouring with powder

Then I took a step back had a look and then decided to add another coat!!

So what's my thoughts...

  • I like it.  It's an easy process to apply (yes I wouldn't be spending time on it every morning prior to the school run) but I would wear as an alternative to falsies for a big night out or if I just feel like adding a little extra drama.  
  • It's easy to remove.  I recently stopped wearing waterproof mascara as I just found it too tough to budge every night and I really want my lashes to be clean when I sleep to really let them breathe and regenerate as I sleep.  I did my usual technique to remove which is soak 2 cotton pads in an oil based make up remover and press over my lids for about 30-60 seconds then gently wipe away.  This minimises rubbing at the eyes but ensure the product is all soaked off.
  • It's fine for my sensitive contact lense wearing eyes.  I was a bit worried about the fibres flying everywhere and getting trapped in my contacts but there's been none of that.
  • If you like a slightly clumpy finish then this is for you.  It you like lashes to be separated and long this probably won't suit you but I like a clumpier and dense finish.  For optimum depth to your lashes follow my free hand liner tutorial and you can come through to give more separation if desired.
  • I don't like the mess it makes in application (lots of fall out) but to be honest it's not an issue if you do your eye make up first which I think is the most efficient way to apply your face.
  • If you have been wearing extensions for a bit too long and feel you would like to try an alternative you might like this there has been some blogs mentioning the mascara might not be good for your lashes but I believe as long as you remove the product well overnight and you give your lashes a break every now and again I don't see why this would cause more damage than a regular waterproof mascara.  If this is something you are worried about supplement your lashes with a good quality lash serum.
  • It takes a wee while to arrive from the US (approx 7-9 days) and when we are used to being able to get our hands on things on next day delivery this can be frustrating.
  • Sorry I have not done the cry test on it yet so can't 100% confirm whether it is waterproof I definitely wouldn't go swimming in it but it did manage a 20 minute walk in the Scottish rain without running anywhere.

Impressed?? I am slightly addicted I have to say so if you would like to buy you can do here or send me a message on there's also lots of other products to have a look at too!!

Here's the finished look...

Monday, 3 November 2014

November Wishlist

Wow it's November already that really did sneak up on me.  Here's my monthly Wishlist a round up of the products I have seen pop up that I have been lusting over....

Younique 3D Fibre Lash Mascara

When I do a make up on someone they usually always fall in love with the lashes.  It's amazing how a longer and fuller lash line can really open up the eye and just make you look so much more awake!  This mascara is a great alternative to using false lashes which can often be difficult to apply yourself.  I will be doing a full review on this product very soon here on the blog so stop by if you are interested in that or if you can't wait the link above will take you straight to where you can bag yourself one.  What I also like about this is if you don't like it they have a 'Love it Guarantee'.

Deepi Statement Pendant Necklace

I love a statement necklace! This is one of my little tricks to instantly dress up an outfit whether I'm off out to work or doing school run there's tons of these over at Accessorize and I love that there's always matching items to add into your basket!  I equally love this statement ring to go with it.


I admit these babies are expensive for slippers BUT they are sooo cute and comfy looking! You can change the soles up so you can have a few different colour combinations plus the hard soles make them great for popping out to the bin or letting the dog out.  I think these a the perfect combination of pratical, cosy & stylish (in a Scandinavian chic kind of way)

Damn Glamourous by MAC

Loving a dark lip right now and I especially love the name of this one.  Another fool proof way to dress up an outfit it instantly adds glamour to an understated outfit if you like a glossy finish try Rebel Lipglass.  Give your dark lip more staying power by filling in your entire lip with a complimentary lip liner such as MAC's Beet.