Monday, 3 November 2014

November Wishlist

Wow it's November already that really did sneak up on me.  Here's my monthly Wishlist a round up of the products I have seen pop up that I have been lusting over....

Younique 3D Fibre Lash Mascara

When I do a make up on someone they usually always fall in love with the lashes.  It's amazing how a longer and fuller lash line can really open up the eye and just make you look so much more awake!  This mascara is a great alternative to using false lashes which can often be difficult to apply yourself.  I will be doing a full review on this product very soon here on the blog so stop by if you are interested in that or if you can't wait the link above will take you straight to where you can bag yourself one.  What I also like about this is if you don't like it they have a 'Love it Guarantee'.

Deepi Statement Pendant Necklace

I love a statement necklace! This is one of my little tricks to instantly dress up an outfit whether I'm off out to work or doing school run there's tons of these over at Accessorize and I love that there's always matching items to add into your basket!  I equally love this statement ring to go with it.


I admit these babies are expensive for slippers BUT they are sooo cute and comfy looking! You can change the soles up so you can have a few different colour combinations plus the hard soles make them great for popping out to the bin or letting the dog out.  I think these a the perfect combination of pratical, cosy & stylish (in a Scandinavian chic kind of way)

Damn Glamourous by MAC

Loving a dark lip right now and I especially love the name of this one.  Another fool proof way to dress up an outfit it instantly adds glamour to an understated outfit if you like a glossy finish try Rebel Lipglass.  Give your dark lip more staying power by filling in your entire lip with a complimentary lip liner such as MAC's Beet.