Thursday, 27 May 2010

Getting the perfect brow

We have all been guilty of over tweezing but now more than ever a heavy brow is the perfect make up feature to compliment this summer's bronzed looks. Even the sparsest of brows can be filled in and pencilled to create that effortless (but actually heavily styled) brow. The best advice I ever got when it comes to brows is to think of them as sisters and not as twins...they will never be identical so don't over tweeze trying to 'even them out'. Various products can be used to create the brows you want try a matt powder eye shadow applied with a stiff angled eye liner brush, this will give a much more natural look or if you want something dramatic use a pencil and 'feather' the strokes up and blend to rid harsh lines. Always brush brows up and set with either a brow gel or clear mascara. If you make a mistake use a dab of concealer on a brush to erase and even out the shape you are going for. Using a highlighter under your eyebrows will help 'lift' the eyebrow and create more of a frame for your eyes. There are numerous tutorials on getting the perfect eyebrow but my favourite is the new Mac Power Brow tutorial this is a dramatic take on it but creates a very fashion forward looks.

If you've got very heavy brows you may still need a bit of product to fill in any gaps you may have plus getting your eyebrows shaped professionally to begin with will help. If you keep up your visits to the brow bar then great but you can do it DIY with your tweezers just don't leave it too long between maintenance otherwise it will be hard to keep the shape.

Tips for DIY shaping. There are many different shapes of eyebrows but like any good story a good eyebrow has a beginning middle and end. Look at yourself in the mirror and using a long thin brush place the brush next to the bridge of your nose (it is better to guage this on the bridge of your nose than the nostrils as everyones noses are different shapes) where this imaginery line begins is where your brow should start. The middle point is the peak hold the brush so you can see a line from the same point skimming past the outer rim of your pupil this is where the outer arch should peak. Pay special attention to the peak when filling in your brows it's often an area where people don't emphasis but is actually fundamental in framing your face. Finally a third line from the same point to the outer corner of your eye will give you a reasonable point where your brow should end. Check out the MAC video for some more tips but remember to pair down this look for everyday!

Don't forget about what colour you choose for eye brow grooming plus you can try different shades depending on whether you are creating a daytime or evening look. Often a more dramatic eye colour will call for a darker eyebrow just be careful not to vary too much from your hair colour the shade you choose should match and mirror your brow colour not the colour you wish it was similarly if you change your hair colour dramatically don't forget about your eyebrow colour.

Have fun and you may be surprised what a difference a bit of eyebrow grooming makes!