Welcome to Made Over & Me written by me, Amy Hughes.  I'm a make up artist and writer living in Melbourne, Australia. I grew up in Scotland, across the road from a chapel, where I spent my Saturdays peeking out of my mum’s lace curtains desperate for the first look at the bride who was getting married that day. I love every lacy, sparkly and bubbly detail about the glorious weddings I get to work on.

I’ve always loved make up and I loved experimenting with it. It came naturally to me. A colleague suggested make up training to me as I had always had a creative streak in my personality but no avenue to use it I thought what a fab idea and wondered why I never came up with it myself!  Sometimes we need an outside viewpoint as we are often stuck in our own heads.   As a psychology graduate with a successful career in what I considered the ‘proper job’ stakes I had shied away from what I had really wanted to do thinking the academic route was the one mapped out for me. I was wrong, I love my job and I love being able to share fabulous weddings here, immortalise them forever!

I have been putting my knowledge and love of make up into words and created #molmakeuplesson a series of DIY make up lessons here on Made Over & Me. My clients have always told me how they just didn’t learn how to do their own or how they find make up so over whelming.  In this series I break it down bit by bit. If you have anything you want to ask just ask and I will do my very best to tell you how to approach it.

There's a little section you'll see called life&love. this is my take on the life I lead, insights into my thoughts, general mummy ramblings, DIY projects, a general ditty about anything that's made me stop and think on a particular day.  

I hope you enjoy Made Over & Me and I'm glad you took the time to get to know me better, come say hi over on my Facebook page I'd love to get to know you... Amy xx

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