Friday, 7 February 2014

Is it spring yet..?

I love winter make up you can really go all out and overindulge. I loved the deep berry stained lips and luxe textures we were wearing to compete with the rich and sumptuous surroundings that Christmas decor and winter textiles have to offer.  Although it's only February and it's still rather chilly out there I'm ready to move on to the fresh spring looks we crave after as the the lighter nights surprise us and the blue skies start sneaking in.

Spring make up for me is fresh and dewy and glowing.  It is the perfect partner for the pastel palettes we see in spring fashion I like to choose a light coverage base to really let the skin shine through.  I concentrate on really buffing the base into the skin using a kabuki brush or a fluffy blush brush it gives you a seamless almost airbrushed effect skimming over fine lines.  A fresh light base doesn't mean you shouldn't conceal do use your concealer to cover blemishes and dark circles.  A lighter concealer can also act as an uplifting highlighter just blend the edges out thoroughly. Dig out the bronzer and use it in a gentle sculpting way to help define cheekbones (suck in the cheeks), outer corners of the forehead and under the jawline.  The aim is to make your face shape more oval.  Top up colour with a pop of pink or peach on the apples then sweep a shimmery highlight just above the blush.

Defined brows are still a make up must for me. I'm looking forward to Benefits release of 'gimme brow' that has a dinky little brush with 'volumising fibres' sounds like a fabulous time saver to me! As always curl your lashes and apply some lovely black mascara. I finish this look by adding my highlight to brow 
bone, inner corner of the eyes and just above the cuspids bow and a generous helping of lip balm.

It's far from a complicated make up look and it's my fail safe that never let's me down.  Products I'm treating myself to this spring are Benefit Gimme Brow, MAC Well dressed Blush & Lanolips 101 ointment x