Wednesday, 28 May 2014

How to do winged eyeliner ~ gel liner.

Winged's one of those things that can be soo right but can go soo wrong, it could easily make you late for work or a night out you could literally spend a good half hour trying to 'even' those flicks out.  Let me tell you now the face is not symmetrical so trust me if you are trying to get those flicks perfectly symmetrical you should just give up now! 

Here's my 'how to' for an easy winged out look there's special 'item' that makes this so super easy but I'm not going to mention it yet you will need to read on to find out.  I've paired mine with a classic red lip, fail safe classic look...I love it.  My liner of choice for this technique is L'oreal gel intenza.

Firstly as this is a look that is pretty light on the eyeshadow (therefore minimal fall out) I have gone ahead and done my  base first (I used L'Oreal True Match applied in a buffing motion with my Real Techniques Contour Brush).  Don't bother with under eye concealer just yet.  So first up you want to prep the eye you can use a primer or just run your foundation brush over your eyelids followed by a sweep of your powder.  Add a contour colour into the socket of your eyelid, use a taupe or light greyish shadow into the crease, this adds depth to your eye and is a nice frame for your liner.  If you are using a particularly wet liner this can also help stop the liner transferring onto your lid. 

So what's going to make this look so easy for you! Fanfare please....sellotape! It's going to keep the flick nice and clean and sharp.  Take two short strips and stick it to the back of your hand a few times.  Stick the tape at an angle that follows your lower lash line upward towards the tail of your brow.  Once you are used to doing liner you will be able to do it freehand and this would be the imaginary line you would be drawing.

With your gel liner dip a fine liner brush into the pot and go ahead and draw your wing it doesn't matter too much if you are a bit messy and go over the tape but you do need to keep it tidy on the inner edge.  Once you've done the wing use your long edge of the brush to line the lash line.  How thin you go depends on your eye shape I generally keep it quite thin and leave the inner corner liner free this gives the eye an open look.  If I wanted something more feline I would go ahead and line right into the tear duct. Then go ahead and lift your eyelid up gently and coat the underneath of the top lashline.  This keeps it all nice and black with no skin peeking through. Pull the tape off from the bottom inner corner upwards and outwards towards the brow. 

So you have your liner!   Now for a few finishing touches.  I always 'set' my liner by pushing a matt black shadow over the the gel liner using an angled brush. It keeps it in place and adds to the intensity.  If you want to to can also connect the wing on the lower lash line.  To do this you would use the same black eyeshadow and push it from the wing close to the lower lashes (you can chose how far along you'd like this to go)  Next, apply your concealer (if you do this step first the tape will take the concealer with it) add mascara upper and lower, an extra sweep of blush and you and your reasonably perfect liner are out of here!

Let me know if this works for you ladies! Comment and tell me what eye makeup technique  you would like next x
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