Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Avoid a falsie faux pas!

Eek! I have not blogged since July! Sorry if you have been checking my blog and it has been stagnant all this time. I have been compelled to return to the world of blogging as nothing is better than the festive season for seeing the most awfully applied false lashes ever! I love lashes and often can change your whole look but take some time to perfect them first please ladies!

Here's a few tips...

Don't forget to measure up first- place the lashes on your lid if they are too long snip them to size on the outer corner you'll still have plenty of lash and will stop them 'dragging' on the outer corner of your eyes. You can always use the snipped off section as an outer corner set on another occasion.

Use eyeliner- this is the key to fabulous falsies. A sweep of liner can camouflage the lash base easily, can be painted on to hide and glue that may not have dried perfectly and most importantly used to 'connect' the gap of lash to inner eye by painting from the inner corner all the way along under the lash line. Takes a bit of practise but is the key to a gorgeous false lash.

Wear again- most good quality false sets can be used more than once but don't overdo it ensure you remove the glue/make up using an eye make up remover as soon as you take them off. The worst thing ever is to see a set of lashes that looks like they have been slept in. The clump is not your friend! Pick up a tube of Ardell glue from Sallys and you can use this to re-apply your freshly cleaned falsies.

Lastly have fun ladies there are so many different styles, lengths and sizes of lashes out there they really can be the finishing touch to that NYE outfit!