Friday, 9 October 2015

10 ways for multi-use make up!

I like a capsule make up bag. Not just for holidays I like it for all the time.  I'm a big fan of multi use products and not just the ones marketed as 'lips, cheeks & eyes'  I mean getting creative with your products, mixing them up to make them work harder... 

Here's my top 10 ideas for mixing up your products...

1. Mix up a squirt of radiance boosting face cream (see my new favourite at the end of this post) with a squirt of concealer = a lovely light & hydrating base can also be used for the beach if you feel you'd like a little bit extra coverage with your SPF.  While we are mixing up beautiful concealer concoctions I'm a big fan of mixing it with eye cream for a very hydrating, line plumping under eye finish!

2. Use a Ivory/shell tone cream eyeshadow as an eyeshadow, highlighter for the cheekbones, a frosted lipstick, shimmery liquid liner...possiblities are endless! (This is the trick I used to create my wearable frosted lip inspired by Tom Ford see me here)

3. Bronzer as false tan- I can never be bothered with self tan but will often bronze my shoulders, declotage, and even down the front of my legs with a light reflecting bronzer (the highlighting effect makes your legs look longer & slimmer)

4. Lipstick as blush or blush as lipstick- if your doing the latter it makes more sense to use a cream blush but you can use power too just make sure you follow up with a nice layer of moisturising lip balm. When using cream blush/lipstick as blush don't forget to blend the edges with whats remaining your foundation brush.

5. No liquid liner but you fancy a feline flick? Use an angled brush to pick up some mascara of your wand and use it exactly the same way or (one of my favourites) push matt black eyeshadow right into the lashline with an angled brush, adds depth to the lashes but in a very soft sultry way.

6. I love a glossy eye look and guess what we make up artists use to achieve it? Usually a clear or slightly tinted lip gloss. One of my favourite looks is glossy eye, black curled lashes and a red lip.  ( Take Caution though: make sure you are not applying a lip plumping, mint infused gloss on the eye area!)

7. Looking for a simple eye look? Use your bronzer to create a simple and chic socket line look. With an open eye slightly tilt your head back, sweep a fluffy eyeshadow brush through your bronzer and then through your crease, instant chicness. 

8. Make your setting powder work harder.  Powder is not just for setting your make up.  Use a sweep of powder over concealer patted onto your eyelid as a good base for any eyeshadow you are applying , sweep powder through your crease to stop a gel or liquid liner transferring up onto your eyelid, press some powder through a one ply tissue into your lips between coats to make for a long lasting, matt lip.

9.  Mix a liquid highlighter with a pump of a matt foundation to make a dewy version of a high coverage base,  for example, I often find the infamous Estee Lauder Double wear way too matt (I just like dewy) so I often mix with a pump of illuminator (e.g. benefit) that way the coverage is still there but with some brightness.

10.  This one way be for the more dedicated make up wearer.  False eyelashes?  I love to snip a full set in half, apply the outer half for a more natural look and save the rest (snipped into three) to wear as individuals on an other occasion.  Makes for a more natural look and just way more comfortable than a full set.

Phew...I made it.  I hope you did too.  Tell me in the comments if you'll try one of these tips or if you have any tips of your own to make your make up bag go that extra mile? Here's my top product recommendations you can shop directly from these links:

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