Friday, 16 October 2015

I'm taking a personal day!

When was the last time you took a day off?  I don't mean you were genuinely sick and couldn't make it to work I mean you just needed some time off so you said bugger it I'm off you can't have me today.  Have you ever let your kid have a day off school because you think they might just need a break?  I friend of mine recently posted pictures on Facebook of her and her daughter out at the shops having a day of fun after a rather tough morning at school and she had been upset.  I was really inspired by her approach and it made me question how I would react in a similar situation and it has made me change my mind.

I started writing this post during the week sat at a Melbourne lane way bar, having a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon on a roasting hot day, by myself, no kids no husband just me my book and my notes app on my phone (where I often scribble draft blog posts when inspiration takes me).  I had came into the city for an appointment and when I got there it had been cancelled.  I was really annoyed... for about 3 seconds.   I could have jumped straight back on the train and made it back for kinder pick up, cancel hubby leaving work early let him stay and finish what he was doing.  Then I realised the opportunity that had been given to me...a hour (or two) of some time off.  To sit by myself for a while, watch the world go by, chat to the waitress about her gorgeous sunflower tattoos, savour a glass of red, tell the girl sat two tables down from me how I loved her curly hair, let inspiration hit me for this blog post.  It was heavenly. Then I got back on the train still in time for bed time stories etc I chose to enjoy every minute of my time off and it felt good.

Of course there are probably a thousand problems in what i've just said and you're reading it thinking oh great for you but I can't do this because...
1. I'm a mum...who's going to look after the kids while I'm having a personal day?
2. My workload is so over baring it's just going to be worse when I get back 
3. You are not meant to take days off!...what you need a rest...don't be silly you just go in!

Let me help change your mind 

1. But i'm a mum....there's always a way to take a break even when your a busy mum...let hubby do the bath and bed routine get out for a walk take your headphones pump some music and breathe in the feeling of being you...all by yourself.  Take a bath once the little ones are sleeping, turn out light put on a candle, relax, your TV or chores will still be there when you get out, leave them for tomorrow. If the kids go to school or nursery let yourself just have that time to yourself one day leave the laundry to another day, stack the dishwasher later.  Allocate at least one of these child free times to something you want to do and be present in that time.  Choose to enjoy it.

2. But what about my workload...ok if you are a very important person like a surgeon or something maybe you can't afford to call in randomly for  day off but you can allocate yourself a day holiday in the year just for you, no husband, kids at school/childcare choose what you want to do and plan it into the schedule.  Go there and enjoy every second.  If you're not out there saving lives etc and have a bit more flexibility but still a burdening to do list I'm not saying your job is not important i'm asking you to think how much more armed to attack it you will be if you take a break and really give yourself some time to breathe.  A day off not thinking about it all might be exactly what you need to come back stronger than before,  don't be a martyr choose to prioritise your happiness. Maybe you are working towards a certain goal, you're super committed you have to do it this time.  Just be careful you're not going too hard and you (and potentially your family) are suffering as a result sometimes its important to step back and realise if it's for you its coming to you (let's try and avoid a breakdown making it happen?)

3. It's an innate thing that your aren't meant to take time off...well I think this was definitely me for a while (and I know for a fact it's my husband) he's ok if I take time out for myself but abysmal at doing it for himself.  Work ethic is great and it's something I am working on to teach my kids but I also want them to know it's ok to take a break.  To not get themselves into a frenzy about work/school related issue and to listen to themselves and talk about it. So i'm finishing this post with my 5 year old sat next to me playing dinosaurs because today he's taking a personal day from school.  I noticed a change in his usual easy going personality this week, every thing was too hard for him, he just wasn't responding to my requests in his usual way so we are having a recharge day and he gets it.  We are focusing on play today and being positive so fingers crossed when Monday rolls round again he'll feel a lot better equipped to face the pressures and strains that faces a five year old for a tiring week at school.

So tell me please?! How do you take time out? Are you prioritising your life in the way thats most beneficial to you and your family.  We all need some time out for our selves and i hate to break it to you but the world will not stop just because you decided to take a day off so do it and choose to enjoy every minute of it!