Wednesday, 10 December 2014

How to apply concealer to look fresh and awake!

Next in my series of how to take your make up from day to night...

I sometimes do this routine just to freshen up my look if I'm off out somewhere and literally have ten minutes to get ready, sometimes this is all I do base wise if I am in a rush doing the school run for example.  It's a combination of concealing and highlighting that results in a nice fresh and awake look.  You do this AFTER you have applied your usual foundation.

{how to}

1. Apply approx 4 strokes of a brightening concealer downwards fanning out following the shape of your eye with the last one winging outwards in the direction of your ear (bringing the concealer up like this really brightens the full under eye area and has a highlighting effect)
2. Using a damp beauty blender or your finger pat the concealer from the inner corner outwards blending as you go upwards towards the temples
3. If you want to set the concealer in the same manner with a translucent powder
4. Follow with a sweep of blush directly under where you have put your concealer starting at the apple and sweeping upwards to temple.

So simple but can really freshen up your look!

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