Tuesday, 9 December 2014

How to make a glitter dipped feather garland

A few of my favourite things right now are feathers, arrows and angel wings.  I've always been aware of symbols and what their meanings are (well to me anyway) and I have always chosen to surround myself with little reminders hence why when you come into my home you'll see lots of 'word art' and my jewellery and little trinkets usually all hold some symbolic meaning to me.  I think in such a busy world and busy life we need little minders to keep us grounded and just refer us back to our own values.  This is probably why I was so in love with the the Pandora feather ring in my October wishlist  and the angel wings earrings in my gift giving guide have a look if you missed these are both are gorgeous!

I wanted to share a little DIY on a glitter dipped feather garland, partly because I think it would make a gorgeous chic Christmas decoration and partly because I can't wait to share an image of the garland in action from a recent Made Over Ladies photoshoot, the garland in question will be adorning a wall somewhere in my new home and I can't wait to get it up!

{how to}

1. Paint the glue onto the tip of the feather, you can chose just how glittery you want them but I just went for the tip as I wanted them to look glitter dipped.
2. Dip the glued tip into a little pot of glitter and give them a bit of a shake to remove the excess
3. Leave them out to dry in all of their glittery glory
4. You have a few options now if you chose to make them into a garland you can use a long length of natural string and knot varying lengths of string all the way along attaching a feather at the end of each length.  I use knots and then a spot of glue on each knot to keep them in place. You could place them all in a cute little jar on your mantle (instant christmas decoration). I gave a few to Kirsty which she put in with some flowers and wore in her hair to our friends wedding or you could go all out and make yourself a full feather crown like I did for this shoot....

Photography:  Karolina Kotkiewicz 
Hair, Make up and Styling: Kirsty Stevenson & Amy Hughes at Made Over Ladies
Flowers by Kirsty at Made Over Ladies
Cake: Vanilla Heaven Bakery (dressed by Vintage Gathering)
Models: Brogan & Kyle

I got all my supplies for this garland at www.hobbycraft.co.uk