Thursday, 19 June 2014

Get your SPF sorted!!

Sorry, didn't mean to sound bossy (well sort of) so here in Sunny Scotland we have had four days straight of good weather including actual proper sunshine!!  

Are you using sunscreen?

This is my facial sunscreen of choice I always use SPF 50+ on my face when I am going to be in the sun yes this generally means my face is lighter than my body but I would prefer this than a wrinkled face and not to mention age spots (which by the way doesn't only happen to older ladies we can all be susceptible).  A little bit of colour makes us all feel better but please protect your skin.  You can always use a bronzer to even up your colour.  

A quick rundown on the Soap and Glory Sunshield Superfluid, it cost me £15 from good old Boots, you can wear it under make up well provided you keep the application light.  Too much of the sunscreen is going to make your face slip.  The texture is very light and sheer for an SPF. 

I apply from the very top of my forehead downwards covering the areas most likely to pick up the sun first that way I know those areas are protected eg, forehead, nose, tops of cheekbones then I work the rest of the product over the rest of my face.  It gives a nice dewy finish once the make up is on top and it keeps the shiny red and flakey noses at bay!! If you really don't like a dewy finish apply powder over the top of your foundation to keep things looking a bit more matt.