Monday, 14 March 2016

Question- What is "Natural Makeup"?

Who's up for a bit of fun?

images sourced from pinterest 

So tell me....what one of these images is "natural make up"?

Tricky one... is it?

So just one quick search on Pinterest gives me about a million variations of natural make's my rundown.

1. Natural...using colours from a neutral palette, flawless skin, liner and definitely a full set of lashes, dark statement lip and a bit of retouching.
2. Natural... a peachy monochromatic look, with fresh and real looking skin and nude lip, minimal if any retouching
3. Natural...very highlighted, ethereal and rather photoshopped (I found the exact same image with lilac hair)
4. Natural... heavy contouring, full set lashes, very defined brow, overdrawn lip, potential filter

So there you go a quick run down of that popular make up look...."natural"!