Monday, 31 August 2015

Motivation BOOST for Monday...

" Life can feel tough but remember we've got it good and you ARE enough
Even when your to do list grows take a deep breathe, tick it off and your stress will plateau 
Take a break, get out in the fresh air, look up to the sky and be thankful to just be there
You're here and your healthy
You have people that love you and care
That's what makes you successful. 
That's what makes you wealthy. "  

Sometimes I am a victim of social comparison and I always come off worse.  If you feel the same way here's a few words just for some perspective.

Be kind to yourself x

Friday, 21 August 2015

The return of the wishlist- featuring the lip colour the beauty world is in love with..

I have not compiled a wish list for sooo long partly because we are saving for a trip back to Scotland for Christmas which means all unecessary spending is on hold.  SO quite frankly I'm too scared to look.  But whilst I was perusing for a certain big sisters birthday I came across too many cute things not to do some window shopping so I thought I would share! Ps this post does contain affiliate links (i.e. if you buy via my site you add some pennies to my piggy bank) and a featured product was gifted to me for my review (clearly I wouldn't be wearing it if it wasn't gorgeous though so there you go).  Enjoy the lustworthiness...

Sugar Skull Pendant and Earrings by July-Umph Originals, I was lucky enough to have this set gifted to me and I have been wearing it for a few months now.  It came packaged beautifully and has just the right amount of quirk for me.  Pop by their website for a look at all of their stuff there's some really interesting pieces I particularly love the new character Henri The French cute!  What I also love about these sets is that the quality of the product the resin on stainless steel combo makes these pieces really durable and I've had no skin reactions which is great (as I have a tendency to react to a lot of materials) which makes them perfect for the sensitive skinned jewellery lover.  I'm also lusting after the statement 'Swallow & Diamond' necklace  because a little part of me would love to be a tattoo rebel gal with a chest piece.  Quite frankly I think I would be disowned and would pass out from the pain so something like this would be a good stand in! They also deliver worldwide for a tiny fee which is even better.

I haven't worn a watch for ages.  I've asked for and been bought a few over the years but I never seem to get into the habit of wearing one.  When the kids were littler and I didn't really have anywhere I needed to be I quite liked being without time.  Now however I have lots of places to be and be on time so it may well be time to wear a watch.  I stumbled upon these little beauties on the treasure trove of Not On The Highstreet (I can spend literally hours on here) if you don't know it it's a lovely friendly little corner or the internet all made up of small businesses.  I just love the story behind the website and love that they support small business as that is their roots as well (kitchen table business) in fact I really want the Build A Business from your Kitchen Table written by the Sophie Cornish.  Anyway back to the watch, The Monogram Initial Scallop Watch by Ellie Ellie, how gorgeous is this.  I love letters and anything typography so this is a dream, don't ask me what colour though as I love them all they even have my new colour crush for leather at the moment, French navy.  Although I've never ordered anything from Ellie Ellie (yet) all of the others sellers on Not on the Highstreet have been amazing and saved me a million times in being able to send gorgeous unique gifts to my friends and family back home. LOVE.

I am loving cut out's right now so jumpers with cut out shoulders, boots with cut out heels, hair with undercuts (although Vogue says its out...whatever!) well I've been considering my christmas wardrobe (I know it's early but I like to be prepared) anyway I have quite fallen in love with this little number from River Island, a maroon cut out playsuit perfect with opaque and ankle boots and maybe even a floppy hat.   Love the colour.  And the cut out details make it perfect tran-seasonal wear.  Yes please.  May have to team with a full length faux fur number...I think I may be seeing the Scottish winter with a in a slightly romantic light!

Well I wouldn't be Amy without a make up 'purchase' would I? So here's my make up lustworthy product and I tried it today on a little in-person window shop session I had and I loved it!  It's a new red (although I am still faithful to my beloved MAC Russian Red) this is really lovely and new The Estee Lauder Kendall Jenner Pure Color Envy Matt Sculpting Lipstick in Relentless (what a mouthful!) Really pigmented colour but make sure you have scrubbed and well moisturised lips in advance as it is a Matt finish although is surprisingly moisturising!

What have you been listing after at the moment?  And did you check out that wee French bulldog, how cute is he?! Bonjour!  

Monday, 3 August 2015


I've written about Change before on the blog (here) and (here) I felt like it was time to revisit it. The last time I wrote about Change I wrote from an unknowing place, full of anticipation, and fear but now I feel I am coming out of the other end and wanted to talk about the positives.

I'm more than half a year into living in a different country with my husband and two kids, I'm half way around the world from my family and friends and in that half a year a lot has changed. I feel like we are settling now.  Yes we miss 'home' we miss our family and our friends desperately. Who has taught me the biggest lesson in this whole process?  My children.  Five and three and they are teaching me every day.  What my kids have taught me is that physical distance does not change tense.  We don't speak about Scotland in past tense because it's not.  We still have all of our family and friends but we have them in a different format.  Yes I still do a sharp intake of breath when we encounter something that I think will upset my kids but I'm honest with them and when they say they miss their grandparents I agree with them, I miss them too.  I'm honest with them, we are in this together.

Dealing with change is almost like the grief/loss cycle which if you want to you can read more about (here).  Even though I chose this change I've still had to deal with the effects of it on us.  I've experienced all of the stages of the grief/loss cycle through this process and I was really trying not to compare the two because I didn't want to admit that we were losing anything by moving here.  Some days I get homesick, yes, and it's important to acknowledge those feelings but most days I take a leaf out of the kids book, I get on with it and I make an effort to recognise the positives, all the while very much knowing the people we have moved away from are very much there for us and accessible but in a different way.

With both kids now at school and kinder they are making meaningful relationships and with that has came a sense of belonging and a sense of community.  I think this is the single most important thing that has happened since we moved and something we had always taken for granted before.  I was under the impression that we (the four of us) were all that we needed to feel happy and secure but I was wrong and now realise that was an egotistical thought on my part.  It's certainly been a process but I feel we are adjusting and even more than that my children are thriving.  The same is happening for me I've definitely started to feel more of myself again (yes I have my moments) but I'm slowly reminding myself that's OK and perhaps I'm not the same as I used to be but being mindful not to beat my self up about it.  It's just a bad day, not a bad life.

I think about change a lot maybe because I don't believe in being stagnant, that to be human you are not necessarily a constant that you are on a journey, yes there's one of those buzzwords, and sorry to drop it but I truly believe we are.  Once you accept that, it makes life a whole lot easier.  Less resistance, more resilience.  I may have to keep practising that one but that's my end game for me and my family.

If you are experiencing change, whether that be moving away from home or a change in your status quo I hope this might help give you a different perspective on things.  Focus on the positives, be pro-active to seek them out and celebrate your successes.  As I was writing this the world decided to give me a sharp reminder of reality and it decided to hail.  Yes we moved to Australia and it's haling outside.  Ah the irony.

Need an positivity boost? (click here)