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Life beyond the French Mani- Bridal Nail Insider

I recently had the pleasure of catching up with the very talented Metta Francis, founder of NAILS BY METS. Metta is an award winning nail artist she has worked at London Fashion Week and her handiwork has been published in the Evening Standard Magazine, Cosmopolitan, PRIDE and Dare Magazine. Metta aims to provide a fully customised nail experience and the NAILS BY METS team have provided pop-up nail bars and manicure/nail art services for a number of brands including MTV, Lovebox Festival, Cosmopolitan Fash Fest, London Southbank Centre, Starbucks, River Island, Accessorize, VANS, Barry M, Rimmel London, OPI, Mediaforce Group, and much more. Today we are chatting about bridal nails.

Do you have any tips for getting your nails in great condition in time for the big day?

Get yourself booked in for regular manicures with an amazing nail technician, at least 6 months before the big day. A great nail technician will take the time to give you a nail consultation and explain the current condition of your nails. They will also try to understand what your end nail goal is – e.g. trying to grow your natural nails to a nice length for your big day, reducing/mending splits and broken nails etc. Make sure you are applying cuticle oil at least twice daily, this helps to keep your nails, cuticles and skin around your nails stay nice and moisturised. This reduces the dry bits of skin (hang nails) that appear around your nails, and reduces the urge for you to pick, bite and rip them off! It also helps to prevent brittle nails and splitting.

Can brides dare to be different with their wedding nails?

Of course! I’ve done colourful manicures to match wedding themes (yellow & purple) and even quirky black cats as one of my brides loved them. Your wedding day should be a reflection of you, so if you are a little different yourself, why opt for the standard French manicure? Just like your dress, hair and make-up, your nails should be the perfect style, for you.

When do you recommend to get your nails done for the big day?

I recommend getting your nails done as close to the big day as possible but not on the day. On your wedding day you will be so busy with other things and getting your nails done prior helps to reduce the number of bodies around you and potential stress! My bridal nail appointments are a wonderfully relaxing and pampering experience, especially as I travel to my brides - it is a nice way to unwind before the big day. My hand and arm massages are a particular highlight!

What are the best types of nails to have done?

This will vary from bride to bride and will depend on what you are looking to achieve. Your nail technician should be able to recommend the best nail service but I generally go with the following:

For a long lasting manicure that will last your honeymoon I recommend CND Shellac or Gelish which can last upto 14 to 21 days.
For brides who prefer nail polish for easy removal, I recommend CND Vinylux Weekly Polish which can last significantly longer than other nail polish due to its patent pending ProLight Technology.
For brides who would like enhancements e.g. nail extensions, I recommend CND Retention Liquid & Powder (more commonly known as “Acrylics”) – contrary to what people believe, if applied and maintained correctly, acrylic nails do not damage the nail
For nail art I recommend CND Vinylux Weekly Polish again but also OPI and Nails inc. for their wonderful range of colours.

Any new ideas for nails breaking away from the French manicure (we are not actually anti french polish I personally rocked a natural nail frenchie for my own big day~ Amy)

If you don’t want to stray too far away from the traditional French manicure but want something a little different and more flattering you can still achieve beautiful bridal looks by taking a more subtle and modern approach. The “nouveau” French look sees the French tip being painted further down the side of the nails (so you get a deeper curve to the top). This helps give your nails an elongated and elegant look.
Glitter and embellishments also provide something different – think glitter ombre, glitter tips, accents of Swarovski crystals. These are great, subtle ways to make your nails extra special. Of course you can go for full on sparkle and glitz (if that’s your thing) – after all, it is your big day!
Nails inc. have a beautiful collection “The New White” made up of four polishes which are white with a hint of colour (peach, pink, grey and mint). They provide such a fresh and clean look to nails and would look great with a single Swarvoski crystal at the base of the nail or with a naked/nude half moon. To buy "The New White" click here.

One thing I absolutely love to do is work with my brides to understand what their personal and wedding style is and, if they’re open to nail art. A lot of my brides want something really special and I’ve worked with brides to hand paint nail designs to match their wedding dress – I’ve done a lot of lace designs!

Any last minute tips?

Don’t be afraid of colour! You could request a different coloured tip for your French manicure design or a half moon which will provide a pop of colour without being too overwhelming.

NAILS BY METS is available in London, nationwide and internationally for:

  • Press events & instore activity
  • Nail art tutorials
  • Editorial & advertising
  • Corporate bookings & office visits 
  • Nail & pamper parties 
  • Private at home bookings 

For more information please contact: 
+44 (0)753 939 3225 | INSTAGRAM: nailsbymets | TWITTER: @NAILSBYMETS

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Love Birds: Leona & Niall's Wedding.

I have been dying to blog real life weddings for so long now. Probably since I was planning my own wedding and I first set eyes on the divine catalogue of real life wedding inspiration, Rock my Wedding, which has long been my "I'm not worthy" target of wedding blogs. Anyway...I'm ready to breath life into this wedding category here on Made Over & Me so be ready for inspiration a plenty, insider knowledge and plenty of wedding planning advice. So if you are getting married, or you have friends who are, don't forget to give me a big shout out or if, like me, you just heart weddings please make sure you stop by and comment if you see something you like! Lets get on with it. Today we are inspired by the gorgeous wedding of these two love birds, Leona & Niall.

{the love story}

Niall and Leona met at a housewarming party. "He was a little shy but we connected straight away and spent the whole night chatting. When it was time for me to leave, he walked me to the door to say goodbye. I lingered for a little too long, hoping that he’d ask for my number. He never!!" Leona recollects. On the way home she tells me she wondered if it could be put it down to his shyness, or maybe because when she asked him to name one of his favourite bands she had corrected him when he said, "The 1990's." and she had replied "No, not a decade. A band!" Luckily Leona didn't over analyse it too much and made the first move and the rest is history!

With plenty of time to plan their big day Leona and Niall started searching for a venue a little more than two years before the Big Day and were surprised to find that our short listed venues were already very booked up. The gorgeous waterfront venue of Orocco Pier, South Queensferry, Edinburgh was the winner after receiving some well deserved VIP treatment from wedding coordinator Laura. "She couldn't have been nicer and nothing we asked was too much trouble. She offered us drinks, (a small token, but one not offered by the other venues we visited) and her main goal was to find out what we wanted so that she could tailor the day to our request. Her enthusiasm to help couples plan their dream day came across very genuine. Laura held our date for a fortnight to give us time to make our decision but, in the short time that it took to walk back to our car, we had already agreed to sign on the dotted line! We realised that it doesn't matter if the venue is the most beautiful location on earth - if the organisers aren’t up to scratch then your big day could never be perfect"~ Some very savvy advice to wedding venues from a recent bride to be!

{what the bride wore}

Much like myself Leona cites 'Trying on wedding dresses' to be, by far, one of the most exciting errands on the wedding 'to do' list. She did the rites of passage of trying a full on 'princess' gown (not her style but it was absolutely sensational so I thought I'd try it on for size!) "All of the delicate beads, gems and sparkles were beautiful and I probably would have been happy to walk down the aisle in any of the dresses I tried on but, for me, ‘walk’ was the key word" Leona tells us,

"I knew I wanted a dress that I wouldn't have to drag around with me, be scared of tripping over or (worst case scenario) require help to visit the Ladies Room in! When I tried my dress on, it was so light that I felt as though I could have taken a victory run around the block. Adorned with pearls, sparkles and lace it was far from being plain and a sweetheart neckline that sat slightly off shoulder gave it a more contemporary look. Beautiful little buttons sewn onto the back helped fasten the dress and I loved the fact that the buttons continued all the way down the length of the train which I thought was a fun bit of detailing." In love with the dress Leona customised the dress by removing the existing one and replacing it with a thicker sash. The bow was also replaced with a lovely, up-cycled diamante brooch which doubled up as the brides ‘something old’.

With Made Over Ladies on hair and make up we created a beautiful vintage inspired, sophisticated look. A swept up vintage inspired hair up adorned with fresh orchids by Kirsty and a smokey brown and soft plum lip combo by me. Leona looked bridal-ready-smoking-hot (that's a thing you know).

Leona's 3 bridesmaids in blush pink complimented her beautifully and with two stunning flower girls and mum in gorgeous soft blue/muted pink dress jacket combo all that was left to do was have a lovely heart warming Skype chat with BM number 4, Fiona, in Australia who unfortunately couldn't make it after having her baby close before the big day.

{the Ceremony}

This was one on the most sentimental cermonies I had ever had the pleasure of attending and really personal to the bride and groom. Leona describes the special little touches they planned for their ceremony "We wrote each other love letters but not to be read on the day. The idea was that we wrote them to our future selves and sealed them - not to be opened until our 10 year anniversary! We shared our plan with a friendly little wine merchant in Stockbridge who was pleased to help us choose a bottle of wine that would age well. Thinking ahead, we decided to opt for a nice bottle of red since this wouldn't limit us to having to be somewhere with a fridge on our 10 year anniversary. Picnic with a hill top view, camping by sea, boat ride on a lake... the options for what we would want to do with ourselves in 10 years were endless so why limit ourselves to having to be somewhere near a fridge?! Along with our tasty Pinot Noir, we also bought a lovely wine box to store it in. A letter each was given to our two flower girls and our Celebrant incorporated the idea into our ceremony by explaining the idea to our guests and asking the flower girls to place our letters in the box. Many of our guests commented on the love letter idea so we think it went down well and our wine is now tucked away, safely with our letters, waiting to be opened in the year 2024!

{the details}

Leona spent a lot of time focussing on the details of the day. "A big picture can look great but a big picture, complete with lots of small intricacies makes it magnificent!" she tells us. "I wasn’t aiming for a hard set theme, but I’m a fan of vintage so I wanted the day to have a vintage feel to it. I think I achieved this by focussing on the smaller details such as: the simple more natural looking bouquets tied with lace, vintage inspired wedding shoes, the filigree rose quartz jewellery, a muted colour palette chosen for all aspects of the day, lace bunting, the understated wedding cake, my home made stationary, a white wicker picnic hamper re-purposed as our card box… Everything in general was understated but all of the finer points came together to make the bigger picture. And in case the small nuances of the day were lost on anyone, we had a 1920’s themed photo booth with sepia filter."

If you are looking for some DIY inspiration for your wedding day well Leona and Niall's is the wedding for that. "Much of my day had an element of DIY added to it. Partly due to cost and partly through not being able to find the look I was going for in the shops Leona tells us what she did to make it more of a bespoke occasion.

"The menus provided by Orocco Pier were elegant and pleasing to the eye but, honestly, quite typical for wedding stationary. I wanted something a little more interesting so with nothing more than Microsoft Word, some nice thick paper and a pair of scalloped scissors, I was able to create some really cute menus that I felt matched my personality more. Of course, when the menus were completed I couldn't stop there. they no longer matched the table numbers or place cards! I was worried that it might look like a job half done which I couldn't possibly allow on my BIG day… a few more hours and a couple of paper cuts more, I had a complete set of matching stationary that I was really pleased with!"

Another DIY element was Leona's head piece. Instead of opting for an expensive shop bought head piece Leona opted for fresh white orchids. "Flowers of my choosing were wired by my florist and placed strategically by my hairdresser, Kirsty, to create a unique headpiece, worn by no other! It was simple enough to create but I had to be careful to pick flowers that I knew would last the duration of the day."   I think you will agree Leona's looked stunning in her hair and she has some amazing tips for your flower selection if you are considering fresh flowers for your own wedding...

"As a general rule of thumb, flowers that require little watering perform well. I've personally worn Orchids and Cala Lillies in my hair before, but a good way to test if your preferred flower would work well is to buy it before it's fully bloomed, leave it in water until it opens up, then remove it from the water and leave at room temperature. Time how long it lasts before the flower starts to wilt. (Handy tip: don't use a flower that has been in bloom for too long. The flower will already be starting to die and it won’t last well out of water. Speaking from personal experience, I've used orchids that have lasted beautifully until the following day. I once picked an orchid from my own indoor plant which seemed perfectly healthy at the time, but was wilted before the day was out.)"  

{words of wisdom}

"Be strong enough to pull the plug on an idea you have your heart set on, if you have doubts about how well it will work. I was heart set on my aisle music. Gabrielle Aplin's cover of 80's Power Ballad, The Power of Love was beautiful throughout with a crescendo towards the end that would get my guests all excited for my grand entrance! I envisioned myself emerging through the doors towards the end of the big swell of music and then floating down the aisle as the song died off, reaching my Groom at the perfect moment at the end of the song, with the words, "make love your goal". This was my vision. It was perfect. It was long. Four minutes long... Was that too long for aisle music?? I had 4 bridesmaids, 2 flower girls and me. I visited the venue and timed myself walking down the aisle. Twenty seconds - at a slooow pace, (and zero seconds for one of my nieces who was too shy to walk down at all).

I convinced myself it would be ok. We had plenty of time to build her confidence and if I played one and a half minutes of the song before sending out the girls, I could make it work. I called the, bridesmaids to share my wonderful vision with them, prepped them, told them several times to walk as slowly as they felt comfortable and then walk slower!! I made a timing sheet so that I knew the cues for sending each of them out. I would make it work.

As it turned out, my apprehension wasn't misplaced. The first thing to go wrong was that one of my bridesmaids had to pull out. She had received the wonderful news that her and her boyfriend were expecting a baby, but the baby was due only a couple of months before the wedding and, as she lives in Australia, regretfully, she wouldn’t be able to travel such a distance to be with us.

I was sad that Fiona couldn't be my bridesmaid any more but I didn't want to lose my aisle music too so I reworked my timings and decided to add on 5 seconds to each girl. I was really pushing it now but the confidence issue with my niece seemed to be solved so I stuck with the plan.

On the day, my niece was due to walk right before me. Everything seemed fine until the moment it was her turn to walk. The wedding planner and I both tried to soothe her but she was frozen on the spot with tears streaming down her face. Before I knew it, MY cue to walk had come. Flustered, I stepped through the doors, walked too quickly, got to the the front of aisle sooner than anticipated and, before Gabrielle Aplin got her chance to serenade us with the last few words, "make love your goal" the music was cut short and the Celebrant began his speech.  Moral of the story: be strong enough to pull the plug on an idea you have your heart set on, if you have doubts about how well it will work!"

I don't think anyone noticed as Leona was so breathtaking we were all focused on her.

{Stand out Memories}

Leona recalls her favourite memory of the day was hearing Niall's vows. "We decided to write our own vows and I knew it wouldn't be an easy task so I started piecing mine together months beforehand. Every time I asked Niall if he'd started his, he’d say no, and about 8 weeks before the date I became so stressed out by it that I forced him to sit down with pen and paper! He’s definitely a man of few words so I wasn't sure at all what to expect from him but my apprehension turned out to be very misplaced. His vows were amazing! They were carefully constructed, meaningful and came from the heart. They were so touching in fact, that there was barely a dry eye in the room!! Niall's favourite memory? "When we did the first dance perfectly (after a million bad practice attempts)", said Niall. The couple had spent the evenings leading up to the wedding practicing in their front room. "There were few occasions were we made it to the end of our song without making a mistake so we were very nervous that we’d move into a turn too soon or miss a twirl, but we smashed it on the night! None of our guests knew that we were planning a special first dance so it went down a treat."

~with some lovely insights from Leona~

Apart from the amazing staff at Orocco Pier, we were taken in by the beautiful, panoramic views of the forth - the water itself and the bridges. We also loved the idea of having some outside space in the form of the long balcony, lit by fire torches with a staircase leading down to the beach. We provided a basket of flip flops for any of our guests who wanted to venture out onto the beach but there was dancing aplenty throughout the night so they also came in handy for relieving sore feet!

Photographer: John Gilchrist

John is a family friend of the in-laws. He did the photos for Niall’s sister’s wedding and spent the whole day running around taking thousands of pictures. (No exaggeration!) He’s very passionate about photography and, (I’m sure he’ll forgive me for saying) a little like a man possessed when he’s working, characterised by the utter determination he shows to get a good picture and the crazy contortions he pulls to get the right angle. “Crazy man lying on the ground!” Nope - that’s just John trying to get the best shot! We saw how dedicated he was at Pam’s wedding and decided he was the best man for the job at our own.

Hair & Make Up: Made Over Ladies

Chosen not only because they were friends of mine but also because of the many amazing reviews that other brides have left for them. Kirsty and Amy are both very talented at their jobs and have a real flair for their profession, but their real strength lies in their ability to keep conversation flowing during jittery moments or their resourcefulness during wardrobe panics. They know exactly how to deal with any situation so they help tremendously to keep nerves at bay on the big day!

I had actually already chosen a beautiful florist located in the street behind my work. I was looking for something a little more natural than the typically perfect wedding bouquet and, (having used this florist before) I knew they would be able to deliver what I was looking for. However, her communication was terrible to say the least. I decided that I didn't need any extra stress from a supplier who wasn't replying to my emails so I looked elsewhere and found Leigh. She was perfect. She met with me to talk about the picture I was forming in my head and made suggestions of which flowers would fit that picture. After I left, the communication continued and Leigh even set up a Pinterest Board specifically for me so that I could see our ideas coming together. She seemed to know exactly what I was looking for and made me feel completely at ease - I honestly couldn't have hoped for a better florist.

Gwenne’s wedding shop is located in a small town outside of Edinburgh, and the shop front looks very small so it could easily be overlooked by the discerning bride. However, once inside, the place is like a Tardis and the shop decor is lovely! There are 3 good sized rooms for trying on dresses. On my first couple of trips I was taken to the back room which is massive, and has 3 of the 4 walls lined with an array of dresses to choose from. (The closest way for a grown woman to feel like a kid in a candy shop!) The staff are very good at helping you choose which dresses will look good on you and, once they’ve helped you wriggle into your chosen gowns, there was bags of room to flounce around in each of them, admiring yourself in the enormous mirrors while doing so! Great staff, great communication and lots of dresses to choose from, all make this one a true hidden gem.

Favours: Sourced online from various merchants.

We wanted our favours to be something that our guests would be able to keep and use, rather than something that would be consumed, or kept in a box as a mere memento. In keeping with the vintage feel of the day we chose a few different styles of decorative glass jars for the ladies and filled them with marshmallows. The men we found harder to buy for but we decided on keyrings that were literally keys! They tip of the keys were shaped so that they doubled up as a bottle opener, to be used in case of beer emergencies.

These guys were the people who helped us choose a good bottle of wine to go with our love letters and they seemed genuinely happy to help. After initially contacting them online, they took the time to make several suggestions to us by email, listed the reasons why their suggestions were good choices, and even suggested that we might like to consider a Port instead due to it’s good ageing qualities. After deciding on red wine, we visited the shop and talked to the store assistant a little longer before finally choosing which bottle to go for. We never felt rushed, or like we were an inconvenience at any point and would highly recommend Appellation Wines for their friendly staff.

SO I hope you've enjoyed this beautiful love story of Leona and Niall... let me tell you Leona knew what she wanted out of her big day and she made it happen. The result was a heart melting union of two lovely people and their families, an amazingly fun party and some gorgeous life long memories. Thanks for sharing it with us guys xx

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Just another manic Monday...

What is it about Monday's? Why do I feel like I'm having a nervous breakdown every Monday. How come that 'Mercury in retrograde thing' seems to happen to me every Monday? Why can I not function on a Monday?

Before I had kids, when I was working full time and sometimes feeling less than 100% fulfilled I would say to myself 'oh bugger it' I'm just going to have a baby...then I'll not need to get up and go to work. Well let me tell you it's definetely not the answer! There is something out to get me on a Monday.  Last Monday started out by me driving for almost an hour to pick something up to not actually get it in the end and then ended up with me locking myself and the kids out when I went to the school run.

I know it's not just me (and I realise this is not end of the world stuff here) I've had lots of chats with my friends recently that feel the same. I seem to (every Monday) re-evaluate my life ...why did I not get a job as a psychologist, do I really want to be at home with my kids, should I get a full time job, do I want to be self employed, why can I not eat a carb free diet, I have sooo much to do, why have I not done any of it yet, why can't it do it itself...blah de blah.  It goes on like that until about half way through Monday evening (read post glass of red whilst cooking dinner) when I realise oh it's just a Monday. Tomorrow will be Tuesday and I'll feel much better...until, of course, next Monday!

So if you're reading this and feeling the same way let me re-assure you.  You are not alone.  I highly recommend clicking on the link, listening to The Bangles, feel better and get on with your day.  It is, after all, just another Manic Monday.

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Fuller natural looking lips and Au revoir to a downturned mouth!

You can see the how to over on my Facebook page...hope you give it a little like or share whilst you are there :) Here's all the products to re-create this little tip...

{shop the post} 
Concealer any stick one will do this new Benefit one looks fun!

Oh and my new hair...

Hair cut courtesy of Helen Thomson. If you're in Melbourne and you fancy something funky (she has some gorgeous funky colours too!) make sure you check her out on Facebook and Insta @helen_thomson_stylist.  As always I'm up for your opinion what do you think? And will you try my quick tip for fuller lips? 

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Tassel garland- decorate your little girls room with fun and punchy colours.

Little Miss P is three and she's definitely no longer a baby.  We used to have the IKEA canopy over her bed which I LOVED but after it fell down on her in the night I absolutey could not put it back up.  Something's in life are easier to deal with when decisions are taken out of your hands...I really loved that canopy can you tell?  So anyway, great opportunity to get crafty and do something still little girl but cool and zesty to match her personality.

I gathered some inspirational messages (all free printable from Pinterest) and got them printed at Officeworks on 170 gsm paper ($5.05) exactly.

A few packets of tissue paper & cellophane (your choice of colour) I liked the coral, metallics, pinks & lilacs as they picked up the colours in my inspirational prints and they just looked like fun and punchy colours together (much like Miss P). This cost me about $10.00 mainly because I don't know when to stop and I bought some pink string to hang the tassels from. You can buy everything you need right from this post just scroll to the end to Shop the Post (contains affiliate links).

Firstly. Lay a sheet out (still with one fold widthways)

Fold it in half (lengthways to make in half height)

Fold it in over (width to make in half width again)

Fold it length wise but leaving approx 2 inches at the top 

Start to cut up wards and all the way along (about 1cm width each) when you get to the start of the gap your tassel will start to magically appear.  I did it all free hand as I can imagine measuring each tassel would drive you slightly up the wall and this way makes for a slightly more 'organic' looking tassel. 

Do this all the way along until it looks a little bit like a sideways jelly fish (according to my 5 year old)

Fold it all out and start to roll up to the top (carefully as it's quite fragile) and you might have to detangle the tassels as you go.

Give it a good pinch all the way along.

Then twist it.

Once twisted loop it over and seal by glueing a strip of tissue paper all the way round, or you could tie with string, or use a pipe cleaner to add a bit of sparkle or my new favourite thing washi tape.

I liked using a contrasting colour of tissue paper. 

Repeat the process for as many tassels as you like (I watched a few of The Great Interior Design Challenge) and only stopped for tea and biscuit munching.  The cellophane ones were a bit harder to make but exactly the same process.

Line them up into the formation you want, thread them up and go!  I used a length of pink string with gold metallic string plaited through it.

I hung the inspirational prints with matching string and mini pegs nice and high above the bed and you can see the big reveal over on my Facebook page....not to spoil the surprise but she LOVED them.  If you haven't liked me on Facebook yet please stop by and say hello.

You could use these tassels for soo many occasions. To dress a candy buffet at a wedding, use calming pastel colours for a nursery or even just to funk up your workspace.  I'll be doing Mr boy some silver, black and grey for his room too so watch out for them.  Dare to'll never look back! Well maybe you'll look back to bunting...we will always have bunting. Let me know in the comments what you think? ps all the way through writing this post i couldn't decide if it was tassel or tassle....anyone enlighten me?!

{shop the post}

For more inspiration for imaginative and gorgeous ideas to decorate your family home there's always Pinterest  I have a board on there  DIY  projects (kids and girly things)  (while you're there give me a follow :) but I've put this gorgeous looking book on my wishlist too because I just love a beautiful book.  It looks divine.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Some mummy ramblings...monday blues/surviving the holidays.

I wouldn't call my self a mummy blogger.  Sometimes I'll do some general mummy blabbing really so I can say it outloud with out having the bend someone's ear about.  So basically it's your choice to continue reading from here on.  Let the ear bending commence...

It's Monday, on the second week of the school holidays, we are just back from a little night away at my friends farm in country Victoria it was lovely, heart warming, open fire, chatting till the early hours style visit, so today I'm struggling.  I don't know if it's just a Monday I struggle with in general, I always have monday blues, or maybe because when I have a lovely weekend I kind of grieve going back to the norm.  Today I've given the kids a 'snow day' (I'm in Melbourne, there's currently no snow) so basically I mean we stay in our jammies (or for miss P whichever fairy princess she choses to be) and we just do whatever we want to do.  

If my husband walked in right now I can already see his face.  He's not an ogre or anything more just a mild OCD sufferer.  The kids are drowned in cushions, spread out all over the living room, dishes are waiting patiently to be washed and the laundry is exactly where I left it prior to the new 3 loads that have congregated and all that's on my to do list is a movie and big ass bowl of popcorn.  I will of course do the quick half hour tidy up approx 6.30pm just so he doesn't think I'm an absolute slob mum...I'm not by the way.  I'm just taking a snow day.

So what I'm saying is, some days in the holidays, just give everyone a break and let them make a mess, pull out every toy they own, make a fort of soft furnishings (this one happens to me a lot...I have quite the collection of cushions).  Just chill out if it keeps them entertained and allows you to do something for you I say let them do it.  Keep reading to see what my two got up to to inspire this post (I think this was post-fort-collapse).

Mess really can be magical...when it means five minutes peace!

If you can't stand staying in all day and the wee monkeys will likely to drive you to drink pre the 5pm threshhold here's a few amazing mummy bloggers I follow that help me keep them entertained (on more high energy days i.e. not rainy mondays) or at least remind me I'm not alone through the power of social media! 

  • a great resource full of how to's, yummy healthy snacks, a general wealth of information to be devoured.
  • obviously this will only help if your a Melbourne mum but I'm sure there's loads of local blogs out there that are run by real mums telling you whats on in your neighbourhood and if there's not start one now!
  • -I particularly love the Facebook feed and usually pops up just as I'm about to have a mini meltdown/crazy moment.  Impeccable timing!
  • not just one but a collection of amazing mummy writers, ok I don't agree with every post, but it's a real honest view of mum hood and that I like.
So...what's you way of keeping sane in the holidays...I would love some suggestions! Thanks for letting me bend your ear ;) x