Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tassel garland- decorate your little girls room with fun and punchy colours.

Little Miss P is three and she's definitely no longer a baby.  We used to have the IKEA canopy over her bed which I LOVED but after it fell down on her in the night I absolutey could not put it back up.  Something's in life are easier to deal with when decisions are taken out of your hands...I really loved that canopy can you tell?  So anyway, great opportunity to get crafty and do something still little girl but cool and zesty to match her personality.

I gathered some inspirational messages (all free printable from Pinterest) and got them printed at Officeworks on 170 gsm paper ($5.05) exactly.

A few packets of tissue paper & cellophane (your choice of colour) I liked the coral, metallics, pinks & lilacs as they picked up the colours in my inspirational prints and they just looked like fun and punchy colours together (much like Miss P). This cost me about $10.00 mainly because I don't know when to stop and I bought some pink string to hang the tassels from. You can buy everything you need right from this post just scroll to the end to Shop the Post (contains affiliate links).

Firstly. Lay a sheet out (still with one fold widthways)

Fold it in half (lengthways to make in half height)

Fold it in over (width to make in half width again)

Fold it length wise but leaving approx 2 inches at the top 

Start to cut up wards and all the way along (about 1cm width each) when you get to the start of the gap your tassel will start to magically appear.  I did it all free hand as I can imagine measuring each tassel would drive you slightly up the wall and this way makes for a slightly more 'organic' looking tassel. 

Do this all the way along until it looks a little bit like a sideways jelly fish (according to my 5 year old)

Fold it all out and start to roll up to the top (carefully as it's quite fragile) and you might have to detangle the tassels as you go.

Give it a good pinch all the way along.

Then twist it.

Once twisted loop it over and seal by glueing a strip of tissue paper all the way round, or you could tie with string, or use a pipe cleaner to add a bit of sparkle or my new favourite thing washi tape.

I liked using a contrasting colour of tissue paper. 

Repeat the process for as many tassels as you like (I watched a few of The Great Interior Design Challenge) and only stopped for tea and biscuit munching.  The cellophane ones were a bit harder to make but exactly the same process.

Line them up into the formation you want, thread them up and go!  I used a length of pink string with gold metallic string plaited through it.

I hung the inspirational prints with matching string and mini pegs nice and high above the bed and you can see the big reveal over on my Facebook page....not to spoil the surprise but she LOVED them.  If you haven't liked me on Facebook yet please stop by and say hello.

You could use these tassels for soo many occasions. To dress a candy buffet at a wedding, use calming pastel colours for a nursery or even just to funk up your workspace.  I'll be doing Mr boy some silver, black and grey for his room too so watch out for them.  Dare to tassel....you'll never look back! Well maybe you'll look back to bunting...we will always have bunting. Let me know in the comments what you think? ps all the way through writing this post i couldn't decide if it was tassel or tassle....anyone enlighten me?!

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For more inspiration for imaginative and gorgeous ideas to decorate your family home there's always Pinterest  I have a board on there  DIY  projects (kids and girly things)  (while you're there give me a follow :) but I've put this gorgeous looking book on my wishlist too because I just love a beautiful book.  It looks divine.