Monday, 6 July 2015

Some mummy ramblings...monday blues/surviving the holidays.

I wouldn't call my self a mummy blogger.  Sometimes I'll do some general mummy blabbing really so I can say it outloud with out having the bend someone's ear about.  So basically it's your choice to continue reading from here on.  Let the ear bending commence...

It's Monday, on the second week of the school holidays, we are just back from a little night away at my friends farm in country Victoria it was lovely, heart warming, open fire, chatting till the early hours style visit, so today I'm struggling.  I don't know if it's just a Monday I struggle with in general, I always have monday blues, or maybe because when I have a lovely weekend I kind of grieve going back to the norm.  Today I've given the kids a 'snow day' (I'm in Melbourne, there's currently no snow) so basically I mean we stay in our jammies (or for miss P whichever fairy princess she choses to be) and we just do whatever we want to do.  

If my husband walked in right now I can already see his face.  He's not an ogre or anything more just a mild OCD sufferer.  The kids are drowned in cushions, spread out all over the living room, dishes are waiting patiently to be washed and the laundry is exactly where I left it prior to the new 3 loads that have congregated and all that's on my to do list is a movie and big ass bowl of popcorn.  I will of course do the quick half hour tidy up approx 6.30pm just so he doesn't think I'm an absolute slob mum...I'm not by the way.  I'm just taking a snow day.

So what I'm saying is, some days in the holidays, just give everyone a break and let them make a mess, pull out every toy they own, make a fort of soft furnishings (this one happens to me a lot...I have quite the collection of cushions).  Just chill out if it keeps them entertained and allows you to do something for you I say let them do it.  Keep reading to see what my two got up to to inspire this post (I think this was post-fort-collapse).

Mess really can be magical...when it means five minutes peace!

If you can't stand staying in all day and the wee monkeys will likely to drive you to drink pre the 5pm threshhold here's a few amazing mummy bloggers I follow that help me keep them entertained (on more high energy days i.e. not rainy mondays) or at least remind me I'm not alone through the power of social media! 

  • a great resource full of how to's, yummy healthy snacks, a general wealth of information to be devoured.
  • obviously this will only help if your a Melbourne mum but I'm sure there's loads of local blogs out there that are run by real mums telling you whats on in your neighbourhood and if there's not start one now!
  • -I particularly love the Facebook feed and usually pops up just as I'm about to have a mini meltdown/crazy moment.  Impeccable timing!
  • not just one but a collection of amazing mummy writers, ok I don't agree with every post, but it's a real honest view of mum hood and that I like.
So...what's you way of keeping sane in the holidays...I would love some suggestions! Thanks for letting me bend your ear ;) x