Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October Wishlist

Time for a new feature here and it's not all about make up! This is my monthly round up of what I think is gorgeous and makes it on to my wishlist.  In other words... satisfy my inner shopaholic!

Original High Heel Boots by Hunter  

Now don't scoff as these are just fabulous!  I remember when the wedge wellies came out and I just didn't see the point but these babies aren't even trying to be practical they are simply a statement with the added bonus of keeping your feet dry!

Oops I'm a little bit in love with this ring.  I went into Pandora to have a look at their gorgeous little stacking rings I thought I could get mine and Poppy's birthstone rings with the view to give her hers when she's older then I stumbled across this!  Gorgeous plus I have a particular penchant for feathers at the moment.

How have I never fedora'd before? I love a hat and this autumn/winter I will be shunning the humble hood for this little number to keep me dry on the rainy Scottish school run. This one from Forever21 is a steal and I think kills two birds with one stone as I can never seem to find a stylish coat with a hood.

I went into River Island recently looking for a present for my friends birthday I was at the wallet stand for a good half hour trying to choose from their gorgeous range.  I like that it's a proper grown up purse (yes lots of sections for your cards and receipts etc etc) but style has a bit of flair & design. What's even better is they also have matching bags & even luggage for some of them!

SO... hope you like my October Wishlist if you'd like to see more posts like this please let me know with a comment.  Happy Shopping! x