Wednesday, 10 December 2014

3 Make up Brushes to treat yourself to.

So I have a full list of brushes that I think you should have in your arsenal way back in the early days of my make up DIY series #molmakeuplesson2 but there's just so many brush options to treat yourself to and just help make doing your make up something special so here we go....splurge time!

{The Fan Brush}

Well isn't this a girlie little number!  I love a fantail brush when I want to do something lightly and subtly with make up.  So I would go for this if I wanted a light dusting of powder to set my skin or if I wanted to add a highlight to my cheekbones, or down the bridge of my nose.  If you can be heavy handed when it comes to make up this is a good option to keep it light!  Have a look for yourself here.

{Optical Blurring Brush}

Ohh I am almost drooling here!  I always say when it comes to topping up your make up you should buff out what you already have on your skin before applying more! So when I came across this I was instantly in love.  You could use it for applying your foundation or take it with you for buffing emergencies!  Have a look for yourself here.

{Blending Brush}

I know it sounds a bit boring but a good quality blending brush is the answer to your eye make up dreams... a fluffy brush like this that can really get into the crease of the eye perfect for the socket line eye make up or just for blending in a transition colour for a smokey eye. Have a look for yourself here