Sunday, 1 February 2015

Overcoming if

'If' is such a small word isn't it?  Or is it?

Just two little letters that can just stop you in your tracks. It's a powerhouse in the form of a conjunction, it's conditional on something else, usually, and sometimes my head is full of ifs. 

"If I had those cute $150 trainers I'm sure I would take up running and be trim and toned by now" 

"If I had done graphic design at uni I would be able to create all the wonderful lovely creative things I have stuck in my head that I can't seem to get out"

"If  it wasn't raining I could get out and get some fresh air..."

If's don't need to be so negative.  I'm working on putting a positive slant on all of those debilitating, insecurity causing 'if's'.

'what' meets 'if' and I follow it up with a '?'

All of a sudden 'if' sounds so much more positive when preceded with 'what'.

"what if you forget the expensive running shoes put on your regular shoes and just go for a walk??"

"what if I explore what I can do with my creativity and if I really want to know how to do things I just go for it and learn from other means and ways"

"what if I just take an umbrella or even a raincoat and just get myself out there?"

There is always 'what ifs' to my 'ifs'  it makes them a challenge instead of a blocker.

Soundtrack today James Morrision singing "Man in the Mirror" love him reminds me of my wedding day x