Thursday, 5 February 2015

Make up to WORK your specs

Sometimes I love my specs sometimes I hate them "Hello Giggles" hit the nail on the head with their article (read up here) which inspired me to write this post.  So here's 5 ways I have found, in my experience, that glasses generally rock my make up wearing world.

{bye bye tired eyes}
If you are having a particularly "tired/hungover/beenupdoingthenightfeed(s) eye kind of day" reach for the specs.  Wearing your glasses can disguise those under eye bags like no concealer I know.  If you are going for this option either forget the concealer completely and opt for a hydrating eye cream or mix the two on the back of your hand and apply for a lighter, hydrating and concealing, combo.

{balance is everything}
Feel like going for a statement lip?  Wearing a bright or bold colour on your lips can be a great way to balance the face when wearing your specs.  Often when you pop your glasses on your eye make up is seriously toned down, why waste your time then? One of my favourite avec-glasses looks is lashings of mascara with curled lashes and a hot pink/bright orange/bold red lip.  Love it and super easy (follow my long lasting lip lesson for tips) or if you are not used to wearing a bold lip work up to it by wearing a stain on your lips, something that adds colour but is still transparent and natural looking. 

{all about the finishing touches}
Not many of us manage to actually apply make up whilst wearing our specs (cue some awkward back breaking stance in front of the sink trying to get close enough to the mirror) apply finishing touches with your frames on.  Pop your blush on slightly lower than you would normally, it might sound strange but put your glasses on now and try it I promise you will see what I mean.  Don't spare on highlighter you can still have highlighted cheekbones whilst wearing frames and this will contribute to the brighter eye goal (see above) and you can most definitely do contour with glasses.

{the ticket to experiment} 
Given that your glasses are likely to tone down whatever make up you put on your eyes why not try experimenting with a much darker, smokier looking eye.  You might be put off wearing an evening smokey eye during the day but wearing one with your specs can give you a proper power look. Technique needn't be your strong point as the glasses can hide a multitude of sins (stick to my smokey eye technique as a fail-safe).  The only reverse of this is if you opt for rimless or very neutral frames then you may need to apply a little more caution.  Keep lips nude for an effortless, chic look.

{beware of the brow}
I have done this myself, probably on more than one occasion, over defined my eyebrows when wearing my specs.  What happens just look angry.  Particularly with a heavy rim frame.  Keep your brows filled in but natural looking to stop yourself from looking like an evil genius, unless of course that was what you were going for.  

If you are stuck in a rut when it comes to making your specs work with your make up look to the big advertisers for inspiration. They generally get it bang on.  Here's a few of my favourites...wear them with pride ladies x