Wednesday, 7 October 2015

3 unexpected hair accessories to perfect the boho bridal flower crowns in sight.

As a bride to be you are surrounded by choice.  There are so many beautiful, lacy, gorgeous choices to be made for your wedding day you’re either feeling slightly overwhelmed or perfectly relished by choice.  You’re set on the bohemian bridal look, who wouldn’t, it’s romantic, non complicated is a no brainer for gorgeous Pinterest style wedding images but maybe you don’t fancy wearing a heavy fresh flower crown that you have no guarantee will not wilt.  Here’s a few unexpected boho bridal hair accessories that will blow your guests away.

The boho bride:
The boho bride is of course a natural beauty, carefree soul, nothing should be an effort and you ooze radiance with the flash of a smile.  You’re so calm and collected it shows in your expression as you walk down the aisle.  Your dress is simple, flowing, not fussy, you have a gorgeous natural hand tie posey, and five beautiful little flower girls following you around beaming with innocence and joy.  How do you finish off this picture and best accessorise your boho theme?

Isabelle Boho Bridal Headband by GYPSY ROSE VINTAGE

The ultimate boheme look incorporating just the right amount of rustic texture, faux flowers and gems.  This will look effortless tied around a simple upstyle or tumbling curls.  A statement piece which will ensure a truly ethereal look.

Golden Laurel Leaf Wreath by CHERISHED

If you are are going for more of a grecian/boho slant this will answer all your needs, with a real goddess feel.  Add a braided hair style to up the boho levels or simple wavy tresses to keep a more organic boho look.

Devotion Bridal Browband Headdress by CORRINE SMITH DESIGN

A beautiful bridal halo circlet adorns your simple long wavy hair just because you’re boho doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to sparkle, you’ll hear little exhales of breath from your guests as you glide down the aisle.

So your have options when it comes to how you adorn your hair as a boho bride and if you can’t see past a fresh flower crown maybe take both options and change up your look in the evening with a gorgeous jewelled piece which will ensure you twinkle in the the candlelight all evening long.