Thursday, 10 April 2014

Skincare and Intro to #molmakeuplesson

This is the first of my series on make up DIY which I am doing hand in hand with make up lessons with my clients.  You can use these posts to refer back to after your lesson or if you are reading online to guide you in your make up application.  Please do not be shy and if you do have a question please feel free to post it as it may be something that someone else is struggling with.

I was astounded by the response I got requesting 'guinea pigs' to sample my new service of make up lessons.  I have always been asked about doing lessons but have always thought people would prefer to head off to their local MAC counter where you can pick up tips and redeem your money against products however I have began to realise that not everyone likes the "you've been MAC-ed look" and I must admit I do like the odd MAC makeover but I suppose I am very specific on the look I am going for and I usually like the results...recently I have been seeing these horrendous wet look eyebrows coming out of MAC so if you are heading there be sure to ask for a natural brow finish!

Anyway on to lesson #1 and I might add I am not a skincare professional this routine is what works for me & my skin.  

Skincare for me starts before bed I cleanse all the make up off and I like to do this a few different ways.  

1. With a make up remover I love my Bioderma or Sephora Waterproof Make Up Remover (you can read more about my thoughts on those here
2.With a cleansing oil- a favourite of mine is the Superfacialist Una Brennan Skin Renew Cleansing oil (have a look here) I just warm a few drops up in my hands as soon as you rub your hands together the lovely scents of rosemary and rosehip are released (it makes you feel better instantly) I like to do a facial massage and some deep  breathing as the smell is sooo good and very relaxing. 
3. With a babywipe after a night out...oooh I'm so naughty! As long as you get the make up off it doesn't really matter how you do it!
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Here's a fab image on facial massage I do this most nights before bed and I prefer to use an oil, either my cleansing oil or I use a deep hydrating oil which sinks into the skin.   You can treat yourself to a host of gorgeous oils but I really love using natural oils such a pure coconut oil too or good quality carrier oils.  With benefits such as skin plumping, firming and radiance boosting can you really afford to not give facial massage a try! 

On really dry skin days for me I like to apply a night cream after the oil for a really powerful dose of moisture! If you are prone to spots or your skin tends to flare up with too rich a product try a lighter but still skin nourishing serum.

In the morning I don't really have to cleanse my face as such as I have generally done all the hard work the night before.  I just give my face a wash with a gentle cleansing milk or just splash a bit of cold water on my face (in an attempt to wake up usually!) but apparently this also helps close pores.  I apply my moisturiser, eyecream & lipbalm straight out of the shower so it has plenty of time to absorb before I do my make up.  It's a good idea to grab a glass of water at this stage then by the time you've got your face on you are already one glass down :)

The only other things I do when it comes to skincare is exfoliate once or twice a week to do this I use my cleansing milk and a muslin cloth I don't like really abrasive exfoliaters I find them too harsh.  Another fab thing for skincare is facemasks I am a big fan of sleep in facemasks which basically you put on when you go to bed and wake up looking lovely and plump (I have also been known to put this on thinly before my make up when I've had a few too many vinos the night before and my skin is begging for moisture!). In fact I had actually popped this on before bed the day I woke up to the #nomakeupslefie nomination and I was super glad I had that combined with my HD Brows made for a not so scary one!  I also love the fresh facemasks from Lush with Angels on Bare Skin being my firm favourite for quite some time.  There's something just so relaxing about a facemask I love taking the time to do them and my skin reaps the rewards...I'm off to put one on right now! x

If you are interested in a make up lesson with me please send me and email on and look out for my weekly DIY make up series on the blog.  Feel free to let me know if there is anything in particular you would like covered!