Tuesday, 1 April 2014

French Fancies...

I'm just back from a trip to Paris to celebrate Miss Poppy's second birthday here's the gorgeous girl on her big day...

As most family holidays go it was pretty fabulous but a lot of hard work! So of course I got myself some goodies as my own reward here I will give you a quick rundown on my purchases, what my thoughts are and to see if they are going to make into the kit bag! So here's my french fancies....

Bioderma- Micelle Solution

 Ok so I'm perhaps a little slow on the uptake with this one as this product has been on the market for about 6 years and has a massive cult following on the beauty circuit.  I generally love my tried and tested Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover as it literally melts away the make up but I feel can leave a bit of a slippy surface fine for if you are stripping your make up and applying a nice nourishing serum or night cream before you jump into bed but not great for correcting a mistake or for cleaning up the skin before applying base (as if you've had your make up done by me you know I generally do eyes first). I actually love this stuff so I am well and truly jumping on the band wagon. I felt it was light and didn't leave a film on my skin but still effective at removing my gel liner and waterproof mascara which for me if always the hardest thing to shift!  This product does not contain soap so cleans up your skin keeping it balanced whats also fab as you don't have to rinse it off so if you feel sometimes you find adding extra water is drying for your skin you have just dab your face with a towel and also makes it great for mid makeover clean ups.


Benefit Gimme Brow

I mentioned this in my Spring Treats post which you can read here  well I finally got it as I was very sensible and waited until we got on the ferry to make my purchase (thus saving on the duty) I had it out the packaging on my brows before we hit Calais! I chose the medium/deep and there's some helpful instructions and pretty pictures on how to apply, the wand is teeny tiny and did not disappoint I would say put the first sweep out of the tube at the arch of your brow then work towards the start of your brow so the most of the product is concentrated away from the front.  Its the most natural way to your brows and avoids the 'sharpie brow' faux pas!  I do love this product it give me great individual hair definition which I don't get from anything ever (my brows are sparse and fair) it also has tiny fibres through it to thicken out your brows.  I have added a little bit of my usual shadow on an angled brush to elongate the tail of my brows and that has made this work perfectly for me.  Good to use on it's own and over shadow.  As for being waterproof it lasted swimming with two over zealous kids so of course I didn't put my head in the water or anything but there was lots of splashing!

L'occitane Ultra Comforting Cleansing Milk (which apparently is no longer available in the UK sorry I didn't know this when I bought it but according to L'occitane the 'Shea Cleansing Milk is the newer and advanced version) another cleanser as I'm fed up of feeling like I have tight sore skin after I wash my face.  Of course winter has taken it's toll on my skin and I am definitely drier than usual particularly on my forehead (flaky is not pretty).  I love anything described as a 'milk' as I just feel it will be gentle and kind I really like this but not necessarily for cleansing my face from make up more like cleaning a reasonably already clean face so maybe if you've done a good make up removal and you feel you need a calming wash or great for first thing in the morning when all your really doing is washing off your night cream and freshening up. Love it! No scent as such just feels soft and all the natural ingredients makes you feel quite virtuous.

Sephora Eye Liners

Sephora Eye Liners- Can you believe this was my first time in an actual Sephora shop! I nearly burst with excitement and when I explained to my husband what it was I watched his face fall when he clicked on I was about to spending our Euros on make up! I did not go as mad as I thought I would, I loved looking at the Marc Jacobs Beauty collection that has just been released but I didn't splurge.  I do now sort of regret not treating myself to one of the gorgeous Style EyeCon Paletes but as I had just re-stocked my MAC palette I thought I would take a deep breathe walk out the shop then If I realllly felt I needed it I could go back...have a look here if you can't resist though!  I would probably go for 'The Starlet' if I was buying as it has a rust/orangey tone I would die for. ANYWAY! So I treated myself to some nice new liners as this is something I seem to have ran out of all at once.  I chose a few from the Sephora collection I opted for Tiramisu as I love using a brown liner in bridal make up and being waterproof I knew it would be great.  Also great for my kit is Tango Night- which is a black purple so would make a great base for a smoldering purple smokey eye, I also chose 'Diamonds are forever' which is quite a sparkly grey colour.  Lastly I opted for lovely skin colour liner called 'Blonde Ambition' which I will be using mostly on myself to give me a bit more of an open eye look.  (This holiday left me needing a holiday to get over it!) If you want to try out any of these or anything from the Sephora collection I have just discovered they now ship to the UK.....oh this could be dangerous! 

Agatha Necklace- Finally this was a lovely (non make up related treat) for Miss Poppy and myself.  We are sharing this gorgeous Agatha necklace as a joint mothers day/second birthday gift.  She has so many toys and is always so generously treated by our family and friends we decided to buy her a beautiful keepsake in Paris that she can wear when she is older.  It was actually really hard to find something in Paris that was french themed but not tacky so I was uber excited when I came accross Agatha (particularly as it had my girl crush Alexa Chung as the face of Agatha...I was sold).  We chose this gorgeous Eiffel Tower love heart necklace that is engraved with a poem in French on the back.  I love it and will take good care of it for when she is old enough to wear it and we can tell her she got it in Paris. Apparently the French describe the Effiel Tower as "une monstruosité "(although don't quote me on that as I think my source was the episode of SATC when Carrie moves to Paris with the Russian) and also that the French are rude but we had lots of immaculately styled women (mostly) interacting with the kids and making them laugh on trains etc.  I found it all quite delightful and will always have happy memories of our Paris adventure. Hope you've enjoyed my french fancies...Au revoir xxx

***Just a little note to say from now on were possible I will be using original photography on the blog so please bear with me while I work on my photography skills!***