Friday, 25 April 2014

Using your fingers to apply make up.

As we discussed in the last lesson, catch up here , a set of brushes is going to make things a whole lot easier for you when it comes to make up however I think your fingers are an invaluable tool in make up application.  I remember when my friend was pregnant I took her into MAC for a treat to get her make up done and the makeup artist thought is was actual blasphemy when she said sometimes she used her fingers for applying her make up...really?  Maybe it's because I don't have to sell brushes as part of my job but personally I think provided they are clean and you use them in the right manner go for it I say.  Here's my best finger tips...

  • Use your left hand for your left eye and your right hand for your right eye. Why? The orientation of your finger tips works best this way and blending should go from inner corner towards outer corner
  • Use your ring or middle finger for applying eye shadow all over the lid in a patting and then swiping motion 
  • Press the pad of the ring finger in a darker shadow and apply this right into the crease and outwards and down into the outer corner and the same back up again
  • For inner corner highlight press your little finger into a lighter shade starting at the inner corner sweep slightly up into your crease and then the same on your brow bone
  • A note on textures- as I used two shimmery shades here I used a matt texture as my highlight

  • Feel free to apply your foundation with your fingers (I prefer a brush this one is Boots No7 Foundation brush)
  • Pat and press your foundation into your skin to 'mold' your foundation into your skin (this makes sure you're not left with brush marks)
  • Using your ring finger pat pat pat your concealer under your eye along and up the outer corner of your eye and down towards the outer corner of your mouth
  • Use your fingers to pat a cream blush up over the cheekbone.  If you dont have cream blush maybe you could use your lipstick (think multi-use people!)
  • Add a sweep of your lighter shimmery eyeshadow over the top of the blush to act as a highlight
  • Press your middle finger into a bright lipstick and dab and work into the lips to create a stain finish up with a dab of lip balm.
So it's likely this won't be your special occasion face but it could be your go to the park with the kids face, meet the girls for coffee face or your 'oh my god i'm so late but I won't scare anyone' face...  It's pretty much my go to face and I hope it works for you!

{More on how to do your own make up...}

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