Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Intro to doing your eye make up and why I do eyes first.

If you have ever had your make up done by me you know I do eyes first.  I usually a warn my clients this is how I do it but if I don't I usually hear a paniced voice asking "Am I getting foundation??" The cleanest way of doing make up up is by doing your eyes first that way if there is fallout (i.e. eyeshadow dropping down on to your face) the rest of your face can be cleaned up easily and not have eye make up smeared all over your base. It may look weird when you are doing it but it just saves time and makes for a cleaner therefore better finish.    One thing I will say is if you are using all natural colours (so nothing too dark and smokey) or even using cream eyeshadow products (that don't have fall out) you should be fine to do our base first.  I would still leave under eye concealer to the very end so you can still do a bit of a clean up.  So lets get down to it...

{the eye anatomy}

If you are going to following any of my how to's (or anyone else's for that matter) you need to 'get' the anatomy of the eye (so you know where you are putting what). 

The brow bone is the highest part of your eye directly under your eyebrow this is a great place to use a highlighter which makes the arch of your brow more defined which helps to frame your face.

The socket or crease is the line where your eyelid folds over your eyeball some people don't have much of a crease at all and this is a flat area, some people have hooded eyes so the crease folds away into nothingness and some people have a natural enviable crease that gives them an effortless chicness when they work it right... think Audrey Hepburn.

The outer corner or outer V is literally horizontal V shape at the end of your lashline into the start of your socket line this is where you put your outer corner definition when doing a classic eye.

The mobile lid is the part of your eye that moves when you blink i.e. your eyelid.  This is likely where you usually put most of your eye shadow at the moment then wonder why you can't see it when you open your eyes.

The lashline.  We have two upper and lower.

The inner Corner/tear duct is the smaller horizontal V shape pointing in towards the eye. Great for adding highlight to make you look more awake or make close set eyes look wider apart.

*Thanks to my beautiful model Brogan *
{the three main 3 looks}

The thing I get asked most is how to do eyes or people tell me they just can't do eyes.  In all honesty I think eye make up is probably easier than doing a lot of other things in make up for example expert contouring or a really defined bright lip. In my opinion there's a 3 main kinds of eye make up techniques and I have put together some Pinterest boards for you to follow which better displays them.  

Smokey Eye: this is probably the most mistaken eye makeup some people think this is a colour as opposed to a technique a smokey eye can come in any colour and it's basically using two colours that graduate upwards toward the brow.   Possibly the easiest eye make up to master (honest!) provided you can blend or have a lovely brush to assist you in the process.

 Have a look at the smokey eye looks here .

Classic Eye: this is a eye technique with one main colour all over the eye that then has outer corner definition in a darker colour, this is the eyemake up look I think most people are aiming for when they ask for a smokey eye.  Great for a feline eyeshape and acccessoried beautifully with a elongated flick of liner. 

Check out my classic eye examples here.

Socketline/Crease: think old hollywood eyes.  Here the eye crease is defined in a darker colour which adds depth to the eyes and usually suits a rounder doe eye type look and tyically paired with a thick statement liner and lashes. 

Research the socketline look here.

~edit.  Since I wrote this post there has been a few popular additions in make up namely halo eyes & cut crease I like them both but both are slightly trickier to do on yourself but I will hopefully come back to add these as how to's soon.  If you really want to see them give me a yell on the comments below.

{More on how to do your own make up...}

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