Friday, 28 May 2010

A Flawless Canvas

Skincare is a whole topic on it's own but I recently had a facial skin scan which shows you the damage on your face due to the elements one of which is the most dangerous...the sun. On the lead up to summer I recommend you invest in a UVA/UVB sunscreen especially for the face. You can buy loads of products that now come with sunscreen combined so stock up on these if you are often rushed getting ready in the morning a tinted moisturiser containing sunscreen can be a lifesaver even on cloudy days our sensitive skins are at risk of damage. If you are off on holiday somewhere hot or live in a sunny country invest in a specialist sunscreen for the face put on straight away as soon as you come out of the shower as often the textures of these creams take some time to seep into the skin. Be aware if you are a bride or having photographs taken as sometimes these products make you skin appear white (especially compared to your body colour).

Using a facial scrub once or twice a week is an ideal way of shedding dead skin and showing the glow underneath. Be careful not to overuse as you can scrub too much and at the same time rob your skin of it's natural oils. Some of my favourite scrubs come from Lush with their fresh ingredients they smell good enough to eat but don't tend to last well although you can keep them in the fridge to keep them fresh. Try Angels on Bare skin or my all time favourite Buffy which is an all over body scrub but by breaking a bit off and softening in water you can create a beautiful moisturising scrub.

Moisturiser- when is the right time to moisturise? Clients often complain to me that their make up slides off in the warmer weather. Often there is not enough time to let your skin settle after applying your moisturiser I tend to moisturise at night before bed (or at least after the make up comes off and I am home for the night) then in the morning use a primer prior to applying make up (MAC Prep and Prime is my favourite). A layer of moisturiser, eye cream, primer does not make for a happy base as your foundation will slip off as soon as you put it on. If you can't bare to go without moisturiser make sure you apply straight after washing your face and allow time for your skin to absorb it.

Finally ladies please don't forget to take your make up off at night! You can buy some amazing make up removers but to me you can not go wrong with a pack of cleansing or baby wipes. Some beauty experts may warn you off using them as they state they drag on the skin etc but to me I think a quick removal is better than none! If you do decide to use an eye make up remover (sometime essential with heavier make up) press and hold a cotton pad dipped in make up remover before you wipe. This will allow the remover to start dissolving the make up and minimize pulling on the delicate skin of the eyes.