Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Making it Happen with Heather Masterton

Today we meet Heather Masterton for our #MAKEITHAPPEN series.  Much like myself Heather carved out a working life to suit her family life and, most of all, her priorities.  Want to know how to do it all? Read on...

My name is Heather, I’m a 29 year old first time Mum with a 9 month old daughter. I’m the editor of a Scottish wedding blog www.brawbrides.com which features real weddings with real stories, styled shoots and advice on the overwhelming process of wedding planning. I like to champion weddings in Scotland and small Scottish businesses. I do this by running a small networking group of wedding suppliers; we meet up once a month, big each other up on social media, and work together on styled shoots and most recently a ‘Wedding Workshop’

I’ve been writing Braw Brides since January 2013, after getting married in May 2012 I just couldn’t leave the wedding world behind and saw an opportunity to work with and help some lovely businesses who had helped me create the wedding day of my dreams, and I wanted to continue to network with people in this creative industry. I am a qualified Graphic Designer and after spending 6 years in the print trade and another year as an events co-ordinator, it was already time to do something different.

{the journey}

I’ve tried a few ‘business’ opportunities… I’m an all or nothing personality and found I never wanted anything enough to give it my all (apart from in my running career, but that’s another story), until I fell pregnant. I want to spend all my time with my child so much that there there was no way on earth I was going back to full time employment.

I’m going to make a bold statement but it is honestly how I feel; working a full time job and raising a child is not an option for me, we would not have started a family if I had to go back to work full time. End of. I know some people do it and thats fine, I couldn't and won’t, and I’m willing to sacrifice things for that time with my child, for example, doing up our house quickly, or going on holiday, or on a personal note, my gym career has taken a dive, as has my wine drinking career. Who cares, we’re together.

I just want to be the best woman I can be.

Braw Brides is giving me enough of the ‘me’ time I need, but the be all and end all is raising our baby.

I’m goal orientated so working on Braw Brides is just an endless list of goals to hit, which is what drives me. Seeing people motivated and passionate about what they do is something else that I love, and that’s where my small networking group comes in.

{support along the way}

I read a lot of articles, I didn't think I did until I say things to people and it always starts with ‘I read online that…’ I read, or start to read, a lot of books… recommendations being ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’, ‘How Not to F*** them Up’, ‘How to be a Hip Mama Without Losing Your Cool’ ‘How to Start a Business from your Kitchen Table’ ‘Born to Run’ ‘Bounce; The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice’

I keep an open mind; I’ll literally try anything. If someone suggests it, or I read it, I’ll give it a go. Attachment parenting, okay, I get that. Slings, yep. Breastfeeding, one of my biggest achievements. See that placenta tablet thing, I’d try it, and I’m not afraid to say it (told my husband that yesterday, he didn't look so impressed). Barefoot running, that’s cool. 

Yoga is one of the best things; I try to keep doing it. Bikram yoga, even better.

I’m from Glasgow; not a lot of folk do the above stuff ^^

My Dad is one of my resources, he’s the most open minded person ever.

{how to achieve the goal}

Know your own mind. Make decisions quickly. Don’t question them. Make lists.

If it goes wrong, accept it (I’m still learning that one)

Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks (Reaaaalllly still learning that one).

{words of wisdom}

Never say ‘I don’t really have a choice’ because you do.

{days off are important} 

Oh how this has changed from only a year ago… yoga, swim with the baby, play with my Mums puppy, laugh with my husband before falling asleep.  

{an inspirational woman is...}

My daughter inspires me every day to be the best woman I can be. Her tiny personality amazes me already and I want to do the best I can to nurture her and help her grow. "Strong Women, may we know them, may we be them, and may we raise them." 

"It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default.” JK Rowling

You can find Heather at www.brawbrides.com which features real weddings with real stories, styled shoots and advice on the overwhelming process of wedding planning. It really is a go to if you are planning a wedding wherever you are in the world it's jam packed full of gorgeous wedding inspiration, looking for an insight into Heather's mumlife pop over to her instagram for an adorable dose of #daisybaby isn't she gorgeous? 
Connect with Braw Brides here:

If you are reading from anywhere other than Scotland here's a little FYI from Amy...

  1. fine, good, or pleasing.
    "it was a braw day"