Friday, 10 October 2014

Wedding Make Up and 'The Rules'

The rules are...there are no rules.

Just like every detail when it comes to your big day you will likely carefully deliberate over your wedding make up, you can trawl through Pinterest for inspiration, look to the red carpet for to see what the A-listers are doing or tear out glossy pictures of your dream bridal looks from countless wedding mags. The key to choosing the right look is to stay true to who you are.  Just like most of your choices for your wedding day what you opt for your bridal make up is a personal thing. If you are a smokey eye fiend and you turn up to your big day with a natural look you will likely look back and think 'who is that marrying my husband?'.   You may think "I usually do XYZ but as it's the wedding I better not"  Wether you are doing your own or putting your trust into the hands of a professional have a think about how you really want to look in your photos and think about a compromise between your go to make up and the look you want to look back on for years to come. 

If you are doing your own make up for your big day make sure you practise and photograph in lots of different light.   You want to ensure your make up translates from natural daylight to evening dimlight and you want to choose a look that takes you from day to night.  If you are a natural make up girl think about the close up and how you look from a-far generally you need a little more definition that you would on a day to day basis so that likely means more contour, more depth to your eye make up, using a lip liner to really give shape to the lips plus fill up your lips in completey to give staying power under your lip colour.  Don't be afraid to try something a little more exaggerated you could try a more pigmented lip colour or go for a statement liner to add definition to your lash line you can still be natural but more polished and standout in your wedding pics.


If you prefer more make up drama think about what you're wearing does your smokey eye or bright lipstick really tie in with your wedding dress and flowers? Do you need to tone it down to be softer? Smokey can still be soft and romantic the answer is to blend blend blend and tone down potentional harshness with taupes and soft browns in your eye make up.  Is your go to lip colour the right shade to tie in with your wedding bouquet, your bridesmaid dresses and your hubbies tie/buttonhole? Think about your overall colour scheme and make sure you are choosing tones from the same or complimentary colour family. 
A subtle smokey eye looks particularly gorgeous in black & white photography.

Going for a statement look? Be brave there's nothing to stop you from teaming a dramatic smoked out eye with an equally dramatic deep lip as long as you wear it with confidence!  Some of the more daring bridal looks are inspired by a theme and are still classic and gorgeous.  The Great Gatsby theme has been big and will continue to be and with the release of Grace of Monaco to be released in 2014 there will be the thumbs up to polished porcelain skin and sophisticated red lip a sure fire way to nail a timeless make up look.

Finally once you've finished your make up let it settle for a while then reassess. Have your make up done before your hair if you feel there's a bit of 'settlement' into fine lines lightly buff with a clean kabuki brush and then add any more product only if you need it.  A finishing touch is usually always an extra 'push' of blush which means literally push the brush onto the apples of cheeks then sweep upwards along cheekbones (a gentle touch gives best results!) A final spritz of fixing spray (try MAC fix plus) to give a refreshing and finishing touch.  Most of all when it comes to your wedding make up stay true to your individual style and you will not be disappointed and most of all happy and confident!