Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Changing up your make up for the season...

As Autumn/Winter sets in here in the UK I've been thinking about the ways I change up my skincare and make up routine to suit the change in weather and to ensure my make up tones & colours  suit the richer warmer tones we see in winter fashion.


No big surprise here and sorry if it's predictable but I love plum for autumn/winter.  My favourites for lips is Clinique's Chubby Stick in Broadest Berry or if you prefer a lipstick I particulary like No 7's Moisture Drench in Sugar Plum.  Both are cool tone and therefore have that magic teeth whitening effect.  I always think you can go really bare minimum on the rest of your make up but still look really impactful will a darker lip.


You might have found that you have become more prone to breakouts since autumn has hit that's usually because we tend to suffer blocked pores .  So as the weather gets colder we really need to treat our skin to a good exfoliation once or twice a week to let the healthy skin shine through and shed the drier flakier skin that comes hand in hand with winter.  I personally like a hot cloth cleanser option such a the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish but to be honest you don't need to spend a fortune you can use your usual facial wash but buff it off with a muslin cloth.  Follow the exfoliation with a good serum or facial oil, these products have much smaller molecules than moisturiser so gets absorbed into the the skin quickly and goes much deeper.  If your skin can really handle it and isn't prone to breakouts follow up your serum or oil with a rich night cream to really lock in that moisture.

Warm Browns.

I love using warmer browns and copper tones in make up at this time of year as it suits so many eye colours.  They can make blue eyes appear bluer, green eyes warmer and brown or hazel eyes richer.  They are really worth experimenting with if you don't really use them.  Copper pigment placed in the centre of the lid over a soft brown smokey eye is a great way to really make your eye stand out I like the Barry M Dazzle Dust in Venus as they are very fine and inexpensive!  If you feel like treating yourself you can rely on the MAC pigments to transform a smokey eye into something more intense and lustrous.  My favourites are copper sparkle and for a darker finish I like Blue Brown.


As we succumb to turning our central heating on and we receive less vital vitamin D from the sun our skin becomes parched and that's how it becomes drier in the winter.  Treat it from the inside by drinking lots of water, get yourself a nice water bottle and get guzzling.  I did this about mid August and I find it so easy to drink more water now however feel a bit lost when I leave the house without it!  Also try and replace some of the moisture in the air in your home by placing bowls of water near the heat sources around your house which will also stop your hair & nails from drying out.


Yes you are still allowed to use bronzer.  Just because it's autumn now it doesn't mean you have to banish any warmth to your skin in fact a bronzer can really help compliment the warm browns, plums, rich greens and even mustard colours that we see more of in Autumn/Winter.  I tend to change to matt textures though and add a bit of shimmer just with a highighter. I love the Korres Wild Rose Compact to add a bit of warmth but it gives such a velevty finish I think this is something I will always re-buy. I generally also use this in a scuplting way so not so all over bronze as I would in summer.   Look out for my upcoming post 'easy contouring with powder' soon.  If you prefer to stick to something you know go for Benefit's Hoola although its quite dark in colour it is matt therefore great for adding colour and definition to the face but not sparkle which is much more in keeping with autumn/winter make up.

This gorgeous wee make up bag was found on Etsy.