Sunday, 5 October 2014

Chic little wedding day warmers...

Whether it's something to throw over your shoulders to heat you up in the chillier weather (here in the northern hemisphere) or just something to cover up with and just add a little extra wow factor there is so much choice out there to compliment your wedding gown.

The Humble Cardigan. 

It's good enough for her evening outfit Kate wore a gorgeous mohair shrug I really liked how this managed to make her wedding dress a bit more casual and gave her a relaxed look. You could go for a colourful cardi like this stunning yellow one to add a pop of colour and tie in your wedding flower colour.  I love a blue cardi as your something blue & you could even add extra detail to your gown by choosing a bow detail cardigan....the ear muffs I also find adorable for a winter wedding.


Perfect for covering shoulders if you're worried about exposing a little too much skin. Lace, beaded, sequinned they are all beautiful options for adding an extra smidgen of sparkle & style!  It could be a made from vintage lace, adorned with jewels or simply covered in sequins this is a great way to inject a bit of personality into your wedding dress.

Feathers & Fur.

If you are looking for something to add a bit of warmth to your wedding outfit why not go all out with a vintage fur/faux fur coat or feather bolero.  I love this option as a cover up as it adds extra texture and will look stunning in your wedding photos.  Go for a contrasting colour to really make your choice stand out or opt for a white to keep it all neutral.  

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