Thursday, 22 July 2010

Prep those peepers!

As a make up artist I find that preparation takes up atleast 50% of my time when doing any makeover. I have spoken about priming in previous posts but this time I'd like to focus on getting your peepers ready! The way I see it is what is the point of spending your cash on lovely eyeshadow and liners for them to slip off an oily lid or end up rubbed off after a couple of hours. There's a few options for priming the lids for your eye make up the easiest and least expensive is to conceal and powder using your existing concealer or foundation. Use a brush to apply the concealer and ensure you push if right into the lash line. Buff away any creases that may form in the concealer just using your finger then apply a loose powder with a brush to help set the concealer ready for your eyeshadow and also helps when it comes to blending.

There are also specialised eye priming products out there with which I have had mixed success. Urban decay's eyeshadow primer potion is raved about and often sold out at their counters but I find the consistency not much better than that of a good stick concealer although the 'sin' version gives a nice finish it's benefits as a primer to me aren't overwhelming. My favourite priming product I have tried so far is the MAC painterly paint pot which is almost like a very thick concealer come cream eyeshadow. It erases any veins, lines or discolouration on your eye and gives a lovely blank canvas for your eye make up. I still tend to use a sweep of base eyeshadow over the paint point for ease of blending but it really gives a lovely finish to your eye shadow and makes it last all day.