Monday, 1 December 2014

Don't waste your money this Christmas...December Wishlist and some giftgiving wisdom.

Oh it's that time of year again! I've been doing lots of thinking recently about the amount of 'stuff' we accumulate and have been doing alot of reading about ideas for making good choices for Christmas presents (pop over to Slow Your Home for some fabulous tips that I'll be taking on this festive season). Maybe it's because for the second time I have just finished packing up my whole life which really highlights how many possessions we have and how liberating it is to really pare down to the stuff that we really love, need and choose to have filling our space. I'm trying to shop smarter for Christmas and really make sure I'm giving gifts that mean something to my family & friends.

So here is my Christmas wishlist and some present buying words of wisdom too!

{support small business}

As a small business owner myself I understand the importance of supporting the little guy I feel almost altruistic handing over the cash when it's to someone I know works really hard for it and has given me something that little bit more unique, one off or just that I know there's been effort put into it by a hard working someone in similar shoes.

The Ugly Duckling Shop- If you live in or close by to Edinburgh you absolutely must stop by this shop.  It is full of handpicked, sparkly, gorgeous little items that you can treat the loved ones in your life to!  There's also stunning unique furniture pieces, sweet little cards and beautiful home decor it's definitely worth a walk around! So out of all these goodies my pick this Christmas are these gorgeous angel wings earrings.  If you mention Made Over & Me you will also get a extra special treat of 20% off!

{give quality not quantity}

What would you rather have lots of little things that you just don't really need or one thing that just really blows you away? I think quality trumps quantity every time on the most part these days I try to choose one thing that will really fit the bill rather than a few bits and bobs that might fill a gift bag better. Where possible I will also include a gift receipt so that if I do get it wrong at least there's the option to return it.  This is one of the perks of buying from a big retailer.

My pick obviously falls in the make up category and this time it's the Urban Decay Naked Palette 3  I never bought this before as I didn't think I would use it much on clients as the shades were all in the pink range however I was wrong...I got this recently and I love it for a nice alternative for the usual champagne tones I find the pink is a nice compliment to my paler winter skin tone. I also love The Basics Palette these matte shades are divine and a real make up bag staple so if you feel like keeping classic this is a great option.

{document it}

I just spent a small fortune on a one image download of Ollie's school photo yes they look cute and it's the Primary 1 picture so I felt obliged to buy it but if I had been smarter (and more organised) I would have done a lifestyle shoot with all the whole family.  Most people have fabulous photographers that are local to them, I have met some lovely, creative, talented ones on the wedding circuit, a lot of them also offer fantastic lifestyle packages too. You could document a wintry woodland walk, if your really on the ball you could find a field of daisies somewhere and roll about laughing, having a professional photographer following you and capturing it all just sounds extravagantly good fun!

One Big Picture Photography offer a fab lifestyle package where you get gorgeous images, have a fun shoot for the whole family and the resulting pics will give you tons of present options for the grandparents, aunties and great Nan's.  I would also love if someone gave me a gift like this as if you are like me it always seems to be me behind the camera when my kids are about.  For the full celebrity treatment book yourself in for hair and make up to really shine in your pictures....why not try Made Over Ladies ;)

{give the gift of experience}

We all deserve a treat from time to time and often after Christmas money can be tight! Why not opt for giving the gift of a lovely recharging massage or facial, a cinema trip or what about a lovely meal out?  If your recipient has kids maybe you can throw in the offer of babysitting too?!

Angels with Bagpipes- I love the look of this restaurant. Fine dining, gorgeous d├ęcor and old Edinburgh atmosphere to accompany your meal.  I'm drooling whilst reading the menu!

If you can't afford a big gift like a full meal out why not opt for something you know they will appreciate find out what they like ie red wine, jelly beans, prosecco, cured meat just ask them what's their treat and give them that!

Have a lovely festive season and enjoy all the planning and shopping try not to go too crazy...x