Thursday, 26 February 2015

How to make a DIY Vision/Inspiration Board

Before I moved to Australia I spent hours and hours on Pinterest deciding how I was going to decorate our new home, how our existing furniture and trinkets would fit and how it would all come together.  Hard when you have no idea what the house you are moving into is going to look like.  What I did know was I wanted a designated work space that I could write at and be my own little corner of inspiration with a beautiful vision/inspiration board where I can pin things (and I mean actually pin in real life person) not on pinterest.

{the diy}

  • I picked up cheap cork board from the local DIY shop and opted for a beachy/whitewashed poster frame to put it into (I really wanted a large ornate gold frame but as my budget was not $300 I was not going to get it.  I stand by the fact it would have looked divine!)
  • Next prize off the frame from the cork board (in my case I enlisted the help of husband) I made sure I chose a flimsy board for this reason, you can get cork on rolls but this option seemed cheaper and easier to me.
  • I discarded the glass from my whitewash frame and inserted the cork board and glued it straight on the back of the frame

  •  Next I treated myself to some lovely fancy and inspiring stationery.  I love stationery sad I know but I do I can't help it and I always hear a deep in breathe from husband when I head off to Kikki.K (fabby brand of stationery and general gorgeous goodies, they deliver world wide) 
  • Things to buy: some fancy push pins, string & mini pegs, general lovely things to adorn your board
  • Colour- choosing one or two main colours for your accessories will be sure to pull it altogether and keep a theme going even though in reality it will end up a mishmash of colour and textures.  I chose gold & turquoise to compliment my logos 
  • Include elements from nature such as the pine cone and shell (collected by Ollie), a flower from Poppy's naming day, this will ensure there's interest and variety on your board and also remind you of the great outdoors when your sat in front of your desk

  • Here's my finished inspiration/vision board, well I say finished but it's meant to be a work in progress.  I have chosen items to remind me of previous fabulous things I have created (such as my handmade feather crown I made for a shoot), notes and quotes given to me by friends, our wedding invite, and just things that I hope will inspire and entertain as I sit in my little corner.  

I've got some printable quotes to frame and hang then next on my list is a few old school clipboards to hang on the wall so I can keep my to do list and new project ideas 'in my face'.  What do you do to keep yourself inspired and organised?

Thanks for reading...soundtrack today was Mumford & Sons 'Little Lion Man' I painted my kitchen cabinets to this album and ever since it's my go to track when ever I need to get stuff done...often with a glass of red.

{here's a recap}