Monday, 23 May 2011

A treat for lips...

Are you like me and addicted to lip balm? I have been ever since I purchased my first little tin of Vaseline (you remember that little round tin don't you?) I applied like it was going out of fashion,on the hour every hour. Nature intended for your lips to be moist and soft. Dry and flakey lips are the result of getting into the vicious cycle of applying lip balm. So, can you break the cycle? YES just stop putting it on, of course your lips will have to go through a period of re-training and yes they are going to be sore and flakey and dry and probably not that attractive.

So, if like me, you would rather humour your insatiable lip balm addiction treat yourself to's lovely, tingly, softly tinted and smells gorgeous.

Embrace your addiction!!