Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Doing bridal the right way- go Kate!

How could I resist a blog entry on the newly wed Kate Middleton's beautiful bridal look? Her make up was lovely and was pitched just at the right level not too much and not too bare. The rules for bridal make up are no longer about looking 'natural' the new rules are...there are no rules!

I loved Kate's heavy eyebrows, flushed cheeks and smokey(ish!) eye with the clever use of eyeliner. Some brides shy away from eyeliner as they don't want their make up to run but modern formulas are so much more wearable and don't run as easily as you might expect. I do recommend some definition on the eyes as it makes your eyes stand out so much more in photography. Choose formulas that are tear proof and if you really want to try it out go and watch a tear jerker after you've had your make up trial!

Kate's beautiful face was self made and she trusted her judgement in what to go for, if you are used to wearing eye liner every day why would you change this on your wedding day? I like that Kate had obviously packed a touch up bag- did you notice the fresh sweep of blush over her cheekbones by the time they made it to the balcony in time for 'the kiss'? Do take along the essentials with you- lip colour, blush and face powder. Even the best make up products applied with the most up to date techniques is going to wear off eventually (especially with all the kissing!) so don't be caught out and take along some products to re-apply. Oh yes and my tip is save the kisses for your hubbie all the rest can have air kisses...mwah!