Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Working up to a statement lip with a wearable lip stain

After the fun lip stick quiz I posted a while back, what does your lipstick say about your personality? (Click here if you missed it) I had lots of ladies telling me they wished they could wear a statement lip but it just feels weird or foreign on them.  This is the thing with trying different make up you might really love it but are just not used to seeing it on yourself. Its all about working up to it.  

This is a lighter, more translucent version of a statement lip which is more wearable, requires less maintenance, and is a good way to start getting used to colour on your lips.  Follow these instructions to create a stain for your lips, be prepared for some funny faces! 

{the diy}

This is all about getting your lip product really into your lips top create a stain.  
1. Choose your lipstick or product, opt for a pigmented lip product, so something that's quite rich in colour (not translucent)
2. With a lip brush apply a coat of lipstick all over your lips (this can be quite a generous coat as you will be working it in)  start from the centre of your pout and work the brush out towards the lip lines so you can use your brush perfect the lip line
3. Keep working the product in with the brush back and forth really getting the pigment deep into the lips
4. Do a bit of lip smacking and blotting with your finger (cue funny faces)
5. Voila! A wearable and low maintenance pop of colour for you to go about your day with! I usually top up with a tiny bit of lip balm just to take away any dryness and give my lips a bit of shine and comfort.
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If you are a non lipstick wearer I dare you to try this 3 times this week just to get yourself used to it join me later in the week where I invite you to transform this into a statement lip!

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