Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Reasons to be cheerful...

I'm sure that was a cereal advert but anyway...  I'm sure you have seen all the 'feel good tags' that do  the rounds on social media designed for us to take five minutes to ourselves and think about what's important to us, what's made us happy, there's been #100happydays, the black & white photo challenge, the 5 photos that make you smile tag, 7 'unknown' things about you.  I love seeing these pop up as it is a great reminder to ourselves about the things in life that just make our heart sing and it's lovely to get an insight into what our friends value too.

No one ever seems to tag me in these, I don't know why, so I decided I'd do it myself and go old school with reasonstobecheerful but after I got thinking I decided it is actually probably more like reasonstobethankful....

1. I have the sweetest most sensitive boy.  He is (on the most part) a dream to be around, his eyes are so bright in the morning he is so happy to see me when he wakes and you can almost feel his energy. He has always been like this I hope he hangs on to it!  

2. I am blessed with a loving & supportive family in that even though I do things that absolutely rock their world they still support me & are there quietly making transitions and I know are always there a constant in my life that transcends physical locality.

3. That I have friends that are plentiful & diverse that I have so many different histories and memories with that I connect with all for different reasons.  Some relationships are intense and resonate with energy, some are bound in history some are new and insightful. I know these friendships are precious and I regard highly each and every one.

4. I have a girl that is adorable & sweet but is fierce & determined & strong.  I know I won't ever be able to stand in her way and I know she is going places I'm already proud of her and I know she's going to continue to astound me as she grows up.

5. I am lucky to be part of a team in me & my husband that he will look after me and our family, that we enjoy spending time together and that we can talk about anything to each other.  He totally and utterly gets me and loves me for who I am.  

So probably a little bit more deep than reasons to be cheerful but if you want to join me and let me know what's making you thankful right now please do! x