Wednesday, 16 July 2014

How to do your own Wedding Make up- Natural and Polished.

Braw Brides have invited me to give you the low down on creating the perfect make up look for you on your wedding day.  Wedding day budgets can be tight and if a professional make up artist is not an option for you or perhaps you are having a destination wedding  and choosing to do you your own make up I hope to give you a few hints and tips to make the task a bit easier and enjoyable.  I will be bringing you three looks in this series the first is my most requested look which is 'Polished and Natural'.

You want to you look like you on your big day but you would like to look like the most beautiful version of yourself that translates well in your wedding photos and that you can look back on and say "wow I really loved the way I looked on my wedding day".

So here we go I will recommend products as I go...this first step may suprise you but I reccomend you do your eyes first this means if you drop any make up on your face it can be easily cleaned off and your base will be nice and clean underneath.  Firstly you want to prep your eyelids to make sure the make up lasts you really don't want a big crease in your eyelid with this look.  I used the MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre.  You can use a cream shadow or even your concealer lightly over your lids this cancels out any colour and gives a good base.  I'm using the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 but you could use any shades you have as long as one is light and one is darker.  Sweep your light shade right over the lid into the inner corner and over the brow bone.  I have chosen 'Bootycall' as it has a little bit of shimmer through it but this is also a lovely look with all matt shadows.

Now time to find your crease-think about the brush size you are using...If you have small eyes you will need a small brush go for a tapered brush if you can this is the MAC 217.  Dip your brush directly into the darker shadow (I'm using Tease) so you just have the product right on the tip of the brush, lean your head back and look into the mirror, put your brush into the outer corner end of your crease (not right into the outer corner of your lashline check back on my eye anatomy pic here) then do a little curved wind screen wiper motion with your brush. As well as back and forth do tiny little circles with the brush in the same wiper motion.  Go lightly to start out then you can add more shadow if you want a bit more depth.  Don't go too far in on each side there should be a gap between the end of your crease and the start of your lash line as this is what keeps your eye looking wide awake and open.  You could also use a smaller brush with an even darker shadow if you want it more precise.  Then, as always, keep on blending in the same motion until you are happy with it.

This look generally needs some lashline definition to make it really work. You can either do that with a matt black shadow on an angled brush to really push and smudge into the lashline or go for a full on gel liner (i'm using MAC Blacktrack) but the L'oreal and Maybelline Gel liner is also good.  For a really precise winged liner to finish this look off follow the steps detailed in my winged liner lesson here. I also like to add a kohl liner to the upper water line (this is underneath your lashline) as it's keeps everything nice and dark and defined...this may take practice!  Add lashings of mascara to curled lashes and you are good to go.