Thursday, 12 February 2015

What does your lipstick say about you?

With a lack of any actual make up for me to play with (I don't have my kit shipped to Australia yet I'm limited to what tutorials I can create) sooooo I thought we could have a bit of lipstick fun...what does your lip colour say about your personality?

You're happy to let your eyes do the talking, mysterious & understated suits you well, you are intriguing and have a relaxed & effortless style, you're sultry and can be deep you're not afraid to let your natural beauty to shine through.

Pink, Orange, Purples your go to lip is bright & fresh, your personality is fun, carefree, with a great sense of humour, you are high energy & fun to be around and don't care much what other people think of you.

Sophistication is your strong point, you're not afraid of being bold, your style is classic & timeless, you can handle yourself in any situation and have a natural air of grace but can be feisty.

You're sexy and confident, you are sassy and you're not afraid to show it, you're extremely feminine, passionate, a bit of  a vamp, admired by women and men alike.

Ok, so it's a bit of fun what lipstick are you most drawn to? I personally like them what does that say about my personality!? x

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